Fortean Winds: Anomalous News and Research

We are a collective of data professionals exploring the most credible evidence and theories surrounding events described as paranormal. Join us as we dare to ask if UFOs, Mothman and Poltergeists are scientifically real.

“If there is an underlying oneness of all things, it does not matter where we begin, whether with stars, or laws of supply and demand, or frogs, or Napoleon Bonaparte. One measures a circle, beginning anywhere.” ― Charles Fort

Fortean winds refer to sudden and unexplained gusts of wind that seemingly come from nowhere and have no clear source or explanation.

These winds are often associated with paranormal or supernatural events and have been reported in various contexts, including in conjunction with UFO sightings, ghostly apparitions, and other unexplained phenomena. They have also been reported in association with natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes.

The term “fortean winds” was popularized by the late writer and researcher Charles Fort, who collected and documented numerous reports of unexplained phenomena. Today, the term is still used by those interested in paranormal and anomalous phenomena to describe strange and unexplained gusts of wind.

Anomalous News

How Do UFOs Fly and What Does That Say About Their Origin?

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) may be utilizing advanced propulsion systems that involve the manipulation of space-time in order to achieve flight. This theory, which is often referred to as the “space-time distortion hypothesis,” proposes that UFOs may be able to bend or warp the fabric…

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Skinwalker Ranch and the Mystery 1.6GHz Signal

Skinwalker Ranch is a property located in the Uintah Basin in Utah, USA, and has been a hotspot for alleged paranormal activity, UFO sightings, and strange occurrences. The show has frequently highlighted the presence of a signal at 1.6GHz during anomalous events.  They’ve also documented the cattle behaving agitated and unusual when the signal is…

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Havana Syndrome and the UFO Problem

We discussed Havana syndrome previously in our article UFOs and Brain Damage: Stranger Danger. To recap, we mentioned how Havana Syndrome is a set of symptoms which have affected overseas diplomats (as well as people who are not diplomats and not overseas). Over the last 2 years, the investigation of this ailment has continued in…

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Why are there no Good Pictures of UFOs?

Because there are…is the answer. Yet, that’s the usual question. What do they look like? How do you know? Why are they always so blurry? How can you tell that’s not a bird? A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. Which means anything in the sky you can’t identify is a UFO. When scientists and…

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Angelic Descriptions in the Bible

The image of angels with white wings and golden hair did not come from the Bible. Nor did the image of chubby cherubs shooting bows come from the Book of Job. Biblical Angels were creatures of pure spirit, and thus could take many forms. Most Biblical scholars believe it’s impossible for us to know what…

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The James Webb Space Telescope and WASP-96b

  By now you’ve heard of the James Webb telescope and if you haven’t, you’re probably afraid to ask.  So we’ll run you through a quick primer on what the James Webb telescope is and why it’s such a big deal (just in case).  Once you understand all of that, you’ll know why WASP-96b is important…

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Alien Abductions & Pregnancies: Who Would Believe You?

There are a large number of people out there (men and women) who’ve experienced the abduction phenomenon. Thousands have reported their experience to researchers and more show up in polls. Their stories show remarkable similarities, which force new theories related to the paranormal and others entirely related to psychology. Fortunately, a good deal of research…

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What is a Fortean?

There are varying definitions, but a Fortean follows the anomalous researcher and writer tradition of Charles Fort. Charles Fort (1874- 1932) wrote numerous articles and books involving unexplained scientific and paranormal events. He is regarded by many to be the god-father of UFOlogy, the discoverer of ball lightning and the inventor of the term “teleportation.”…

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Conjuring Charlatans: The Case of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Elizabeth Warren are portrayed as erstwhile paranormal investigators in the series of films collectively referred to as “The Conjuring Universe.” The films have grossed over 2 billion dollars. In real life, they also portrayed paranormal investigators. Yet our research indicates they took advantage of people in distress and avoided discussions of evidence. If…

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UFOs and Brain Damage: Stranger Danger

We mentioned the danger of getting close to a UFO (or other objects associated with the term paranormal) in our article Skinwalker Ranch: Tricksters & Flying Saucers. They appear to emit a harmful radiation, and have already caused the hospitalization of two persons appearing on the History Channel Show: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Thomas…

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The Hopkinsville (Kentucky) Goblins

Perhaps the weirdest (credible) report of a UFO encounter in the history of UFOs. Most of the weirdness is due to the description of the phenomenon encountered that night of August 21, 1955 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The description of the creatures as “goblins” conjures a mythological or fantastical explanation. Yet, the “Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblin Encounter” most…

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The Return of The Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis

How can something return if it never really went away?  UFOs have always had a very real possibility of being extra-terrestrial.  Why is it suddenly being talked about in November of 2021?  Perhaps it’s because Nasa Administrator Bill Nelson mentioned in a press conference that he’d spoken to the pilots involved in UFO encounters and…

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Skinwalker Ranch: Tricksters & Flying Saucers

Follow up to our first post regarding Skinwalker Ranch. There’s a lot to unpack here. First, let’s review the most credible evidence we have from Skinwalker Ranch. UFOs have been spotted on the Ranch and Videotaped at least twice in public footage. Numerous electromagnetic anomalies were recorded. (by Bigelow, USG and History Channel Show)Numerous cattle…

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Skinwalker Ranch : All Kinds of Crazy

Skinwalker Ranch (located in Uintah County, Utah), is a choose your own adventure of paranormal phenomenon. A veritable cornucopia of weird. Reports of cryptids, poltergeist activity, lots of mutilated cattle and (of course, wherever there is general weirdness) UFOs. What makes this more notable than most reports of general weirdness? Many of the reports were…

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Remote Viewing: Yes it’s Real

That’s what you were thinking. Well do you at Fortean Winds think it’s real? For sure, friend. For sure. I’ll prove it to you. Let’s start by just calling it intuition. Do you believe you have intuition? Do you believe some people are more intuitive than others? Is that a belief or do you know…

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“Mothman” & The Case of the Stupid Name

He’s back. It’s 2021 and the Mothman is making another one of his goofy appearances. Just in time for Halloween! Except witnesses to this phenomenon don’t describe a “mothman.” That name was given to the experience by newspapers in the 1960’s. Multiple people are describing the same EXPERIENCE people described in the 1960’s. That experience…

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The Curious Case of Moses Wilhelm Shapira

The revered Fortean John A. Keel wrote about Moses Wilhelm Shapira. A 19th Century antiquities dealer who died of suicide by revolver in a hotel in Rotterdam. He also may have found the most exceptional biblical relic of the modern age. You can find Moses’s story recounted by John Keel in “The Eighth Tower” on…

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The Oldest Human Anomalies

For our first ancient history post we thought it made sense to start at the beginning. Evolutionary history is interesting, and the competing species of humans, is also an interesting piece of our history which is still being uncovered. In terms of evolutionary history, we’ll just say something resembling humans existed 6 million years ago…

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Occam’s Razor, UAP’s and an Unfortunate Association

We keep hearing and seeing this association and it’s just plain wrong on so many levels we can’t even begin to count. Often the argument goes like this, “UFOs don’t exist because Occam’s Razor says the simplest explanation is always the correct one. Therefore, if you see something resembling a balloon even though it doesn’t…

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The 2007 Ohare UFO Sighting: That’s no plane.

“Airplanes just don’t react like this” stated a United Airline ramp worker. Several United Airlines pilots, mechanics, ramp workers and tower personnel reported a large grey disk in the sky above Gate 17 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on November 7, 2007, making the O’Hare UFO sighting one of the most famous reported.  Around 4:30…

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Hockomock Swamp & The Ghost of “Old Anawan”

“The Place Where Spirits Dwell.” Seriously, that’s what the name Hockomock means in the Algonquin language. So, naturally the place has been filled with ghost stories long before the first settler arrived. Human artifacts dating back 9000 years were found there. When the settlers did finally show up, they renamed the place “Devil’s Swamp.” Located…

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