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The Shape of the Phenomenon

A few things a couple years of UFO research has taught us, and a few things it hasn’t.

Conjuring Charlatans: The Case of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Elizabeth Warren are portrayed as erstwhile paranormal investigators in the series of films collectively referred to as “The Conjuring Universe.” The films have grossed over 2 billion dollars. In real life, they also portrayed paranormal investigators. Yet our research indicates they took advantage of people in distress and avoided discussions of evidence. If…

Skinwalker Ranch: Tricksters & Flying Saucers

Follow up to our first post regarding Skinwalker Ranch. There’s a lot to unpack here. First, let’s review the most credible evidence we have from Skinwalker Ranch. UFOs have been spotted on the Ranch and Videotaped at least twice in public footage. Numerous electromagnetic anomalies were recorded. (by Bigelow, USG and History Channel Show)Numerous cattle…


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