Skinwalker Ranch and the Mystery 1.6GHz Signal

Skinwalker Ranch is a property located in the Uintah Basin in Utah, USA, and has been a hotspot for alleged paranormal activity, UFO sightings, and strange occurrences. The show has frequently highlighted the presence of a signal at 1.6GHz during anomalous events.  They’ve also documented the cattle behaving agitated and unusual when the signal is detected.

The presence of an otherworldly being at Skinwalker Ranch could possibly explain the appearance of a 1.6 GHz frequency signal.  However, it is also used by a variety of terrestrial applications such as communications and GPS devices. Let’s discuss…

What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

1.6 GHz is a frequency in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range, which is commonly used for communication systems such as cell phones, GPS, and satellite television. We’ve discussed the evidence there is an otherworldly being at Skinwalker Ranch and the fact Bob Bigelow and the US government were interested enough at one point to spend millions of dollars studying the ranch, so we’ll agree something is there and discuss why In the context of Skinwalker Ranch, there are several reasons why the presence of an otherworldly being might be associated with the 1.6 GHz frequency:

Why Might Another Species Use the Signal?

Communication: The otherworldly being might be using the 1.6 GHz frequency to communicate with their own kind or other beings, as it falls within the range of frequencies commonly used for communication purposes. This could be due to the convenience of using existing infrastructure, or because this frequency range provides a good balance between signal strength and distance for their needs.

Technology Interference: The presence of an otherworldly being could potentially introduce advanced technology into the area, which might cause interference with or mimic signals within the 1.6 GHz frequency range. This could result in the appearance of this frequency at the ranch, even if it is not being used for communication.

Energy Source: The otherworldly being could be using the 1.6 GHz frequency as a source of energy or power for their activities at the ranch. This might be because the frequency is readily available, or because it has specific properties that make it suitable for their purposes.

Disguise: The otherworldly being might be deliberately generating a 1.6 GHz frequency signal to disguise their presence or activities. By mimicking a common communication frequency, they could potentially avoid detection or blend in with the surrounding environment.

NASA infographic describes the electromagnetic spectrum

From Intro to the Electromagentic Spectrum – NASA

This signal is used frequently by humanity and the phenomenon might be using this frequency BECAUSE it is used by humans.

Meaning the phenomenon may have chosen this signal because we use it, and thus it would not be easily detected. Some of the reasons it may use this:

GPS: The Global Positioning System (GPS) utilizes frequencies around 1.575 GHz (L1 band) and 1.2276 GHz (L2 band) for its signals. Although these frequencies are not exactly 1.6 GHz, they are close enough that an otherworldly being might choose to use 1.6 GHz to leverage the existing GPS infrastructure or to avoid interference with GPS signals.

Mobile communications: In some regions, 1.6 GHz might be allocated for mobile communications. While it is not a standard frequency for most mobile networks, it could still be utilized in certain situations. An otherworldly being might use this frequency to communicate with devices on Earth or to tap into existing communication networks.

Satellite communications: Some satellite communication systems, including those for television and data services, use frequencies in the 1.6 GHz range. An otherworldly being could potentially use this frequency range to send and receive information to and from satellites or other spacecraft.

Radio astronomy: The 1.6 GHz frequency range may be used in radio astronomy for studying celestial objects such as galaxies, quasars, and pulsars. An otherworldly being could use this frequency range to study Earth or other celestial bodies, or to monitor and analyze the data collected by radio telescopes.

Wireless technologies: Some wireless technologies, such as wireless sensors and IoT devices, might operate in the 1.6 GHz frequency range. Although this is less common, an otherworldly being could choose to use this frequency range to control or monitor devices, gather data, or interact with Earth’s technological infrastructure.

Considering these applications, the presence of an otherworldly being might be associated with the 1.6 GHz frequency because they are leveraging existing technologies or infrastructure for their own purposes, whether it be communication, energy, or data collection.

"Cows Make Great Biosensors Love Fortean Winds" cows in an open field

Does 1.6ghz Have a Havana Syndrome Connection?

In season 3 Jason Taylor of UAPX was struck with what appeared to be the onset of “Havana Syndrome,” the 1.6 GHz signal appeared at the same time he was hit with what appeared highly concentrated electromagnetic waves.  This is interesting because the 1.6 GHz signal is on the portion of the spectrum that could indicate the presence of microwaves and other forms of radiation related to “Havana Syndrome.” 

If a person were exposed to a high amount of focused 1.6 GHz microwave radiation, it could have several potential effects, depending on the intensity and duration of exposure. It is important to note that the specific outcomes would depend on various factors, including the individual’s sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, the radiation’s intensity, and the exposure time.

Some possible effects of exposure to high amounts of focused 1.6 GHz microwave radiation include:

Thermal effects: Microwaves can cause heating in materials that absorb them, including human tissue. Exposure to high-intensity microwave radiation could lead to an increase in temperature within the body, potentially resulting in burns, tissue damage, or an increase in the core body temperature (hyperthermia).

Electromagnetic interference: High amounts of microwave radiation might interfere with the normal functioning of electronic devices and medical implants, such as pacemakers, hearing aids, or other assistive devices. This could lead to temporary or permanent malfunctions.

Nervous system effects: Although the effects of microwave radiation on the nervous system are not entirely understood, some studies suggest that high-intensity exposure may cause changes in nerve function or induce an electrical current within the nervous system. This could potentially lead to neurological symptoms or alterations in cognitive function.

Biological effects: Exposure to high-intensity microwave radiation could potentially cause various biological effects, such as alterations in cell function, changes in gene expression, or the production of reactive oxygen species. These effects might contribute to tissue damage, inflammation, or an increased risk of developing certain health conditions.

The presence of the same frequency in cases where individuals contracted Havana Syndrome might be an indication of the presence of the same otherworldly being, or a bad actor may have figured out that this signal at high intensity can do all kinds of harm. Yet, if this is a bad -human- actor we’d again have to ask ourselves why they would be targeting the cast members of a reality TV show. If the 1.6GHz signal is detected during UAP flight and related to its propulsion, that same energy might be concentrated into a weapon.

Of course, this signal is used by many terrestrial applications, and its appearance may be a prosaic fluke or a byproduct of the phenomenon rather than an intentional wave. Yet…we gotta admit…seems weird.

Havana Syndrome and the UFO Problem

We discussed Havana syndrome previously in our article UFOs and Brain Damage: Stranger Danger. To recap, we mentioned how Havana Syndrome is a set of symptoms which have affected overseas diplomats (as well as people who are not diplomats and not overseas). Over the last 2 years, the investigation of this ailment has continued in the public. Some new information has been uncovered, but the specific cause and culprit remain unknown.

From the Fortean Winds POV, the current public investigation is hindered by not acknowledging the connection between UFO/UAP and the symptoms associated with Havana Syndrome. Below are the common symptoms reported and these are the same set of symptoms reported by individuals who have been within close proximity of unidentified flying objects.

  1. Headaches: Severe, persistent headaches are a common complaint among those affected by Havana syndrome.
  2. Dizziness: Many individuals reported feeling dizzy and unsteady, sometimes vertigo.
  3. Hearing loss: Some individuals reported sudden hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and difficulty hearing certain frequencies.
  4. Cognitive difficulties: Some individuals reported memory problems, difficulty concentrating, and confusion.
  5. Visual problems: Some individuals reported temporary vision changes, blurred vision and double vision.
  6. Balance problems: Many individuals reported difficulties with balance, including a tendency to fall.
  7. Sleep disturbances: Some individuals reported difficulty sleeping and feeling excessively tired.
  8. Tinnitus: Some individuals report a persistent ringing in their ears.
  9. Physical sensations: Some individuals reported feeling pressure or vibrations in their body.
An illustrated person with a headache and various forms of energy moving toward them.

These symptoms are indicative of exposure to low frequency waves. It is possible a foreign actor produced such waves. Such weapons exist. Which is a more recent development in this case. In the investigation for his Havana Syndrome podcast journalist Nicky Woolf uncovered that the US has such capabilities.

The focus has been on the diplomats and government personnel affected by the syndrome at the exclusion of other public cases. In the data world, we would call this cherry picking. It’s what happens when you begin with too narrow of a hypothesis, and only accept the data which fits into it. The hypothesis begins with the idea that this is an energy weapon being directed at US service personnel. So, it just ignores the other public cases, such as the cast member of Skinwalker Ranch who also developed the syndrome (Jason Turner and Travis Taylor, two other cast members have experienced the onset of Havana Syndrome while on camera).

His was not the only case of a domestic – non-US government – civilian individual who afflicted by Havana Syndrome. Yet, the investigation focuses on the government personnel.

Why is this important? It’s important because it’s like trying to put together a puzzle and you’re missing half of the pieces. We’re reliant on public information such as what was put out by the National Academies of Sciences and the Department of State.

An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees
and Their Families at Overseas Embassies
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2020. An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

These assessments don’t consider UAP in their analysis. The ongoing journalism isn’t focused on the UAP angle. Why should they be?

Because even if Havana Syndrome is entirely the product of a hostile foreign power, that foreign power is aware of what we point out in our article UFOs and Brain Damage. Which is that Havana Syndrome is the same set of symptoms and physiological effects recorded by medical professionals, examining individuals who were in close proximity to UFO/UAP. Thus, that foreign power is aware it can use UFO/UAP as an alibi.

“It wasn’t us, it was the flying saucers.”

The US Government has acknowledged UFO/UAP exist, and there is a publicly known task force looking into the objects. Yet, there isn’t disclosure. They haven’t discussed the materials of which they are in possession, or the conclusions of their 70 years of study. This would make for a nasty form of disclosure.

“UFOs are here. They’re irradiating some people. But in this case we think it’s Country XY.”

That would be a lot to unpack for people. It’s possible this quagmire is pushing the discussion of disclosure forward. If a country is going to use UAP as an alibi, UAP first have to be eliminated as a possibility by the accuser. That can’t be done unless they’re acknowledged to exist, and some research based evidence demonstrates that UAP are not to blame.

Furthermore, it is necessary to consider UAP in the Havana Syndrome issue as some of these cases may have been caused by UAP. Vice News has a Havana Syndrome podcast covering this topic, and they interview a woman affected by Havana Syndrome while working as a diplomat in Cuba. She goes by the pseudonym “Tina.”

“I didn’t hear anything except the water running, the sensation I felt was an overwhelming sense of inexplicable anxiety. There was no reason for it. I was not stressed at all…and there was an incredible pressure and pain in my head and my ears. I never felt anything like that before, I felt paralyzed. It was just sort of one of those…where you’re in a dream and you can’t move.”

Vice World News 2023 – Havana Syndrome Episode 1 (Anderson, Entous)

Tina also points out that her job is not sensitive and she does not consider herself a likely target for hostile action. This is the current conclusion of the intelligence community as well. They haven’t found any evidence that points to a hostile foreign power. The selection of targets doesn’t seem to indicate a specific pattern of intent. So….if you’ve eliminated all of the likely possibilities…perhaps it’s time to consider the anomalous.

"Visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum" with a visual representation

This is by no means a stretch. The study you find often mentioned here on Fortean Winds is the government’s (DIA) report “The Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human Biological Tissue.” This report is so important because it talks about the physical effects of UFOs on people. Havana Syndrome is identical to many of these effects.

It really did make the most sense that this was a hostile foreign power. Yet if the intel community’s assessment is accurate and transparent, UAP are simply the next most likely suspect. Multiple instances of the same effects at Skinwalker Ranch and abductees studied by medical professionals.

If one considers UAP a real suspect it allows investigators to widen their net. They can look at cases of Havana Syndrome which affected people who are NOT government employees. If this is not a hostile foreign power, and they’re only looking at government cases for patterns….they’re unlikely to find anything meaningful. If US investigators looked at cases of ordinary civilians affected by UAP and compare them to what they know about the diplomats cases, new patterns may emerge. There might be a physiological connection or other similarity between these victims which could indicate why they were targeted.

We won’t know unless we ask those pesky UFO questions…and that’s cool. That’s why we’re here.

The Shape of the Phenomenon

A few things a couple years of UFO research has taught us, and a few things it hasn’t.

We don’t know what the phenomenon which makes itself most apparent through unidentified flying objects is. We don’t know where it comes from. It could be extraterrestrial or it could be “other.” So, what is “other?”

Other could be any of the following or as Monty Python would often say…”something completely different.” Future humans, past humans, aquatic creatures, interdimensional or beings from outside of space and time…The US Government and researchers who’ve spent decades studying the phenomenon seem to agree on this point. They don’t know the origin of the phenomenon. Yet, people don’t seem to want to accept the phenomenon exists unless they’re told where it comes from. This is silly.

The origin of the UFOs and beings which appear around UFOs is unknown. We know the objects are real. We and (likely) the government do not know where it comes from, and if there is one thing we can offer to help this conversation along it is: Stop this conversation.

It’s not likely we will find out where these objects are from until we learn much more about them. This will take study, it will take research. It will take mass acceptance of the phenomenon along with academics and journalists studying the phenomenon in earnest, and then….we might get an answer…we might not. We may never really know or understand where this phenomenon comes from. Accept it, so we can move forward.

For the time being, the question should not be the focus of research, because there is no way to determine the origin of the objects. Even if a UFO entity were to state where they are from (and according to reports they have – they’ve said they’re from different places), these entities have proven they are capable of great deception.

Famed UFO researcher Jacques Vallee wrote a great book called “Messengers of Deception.” He details how the phenomenon takes different forms and shapes. It tells humans all sorts of contradictory and sometimes absurd information. Vallee wonders if these deceptions are said with the intent of manipulating humanity. It’s a good question, but for now we’ll just point out that all of this deception means asking the phenomenon where it’s (or it telling you where it’s from) is not a reliable means of determining the origin of the phenomenon.

We don’t need to know the origin of the phenomenon to acknowledge its existence. In fact, we need to study the phenomenon in order to determine its origin.

Where to begin? Charles Fort said “One measures a circle, beginning anywhere.” He faced this exact question in the early 20th century. Because he was facing the exact same phenomenon. Which brings us to our first point in understanding the shape of the phenomenon. It is old. If Fort was studying it a hundred years ago, it’s at least a hundred years old (more likely thousands).

The Phenomenon is Old.

Fort found evidence the phenomenon existed during his own time and chronicled UFO stories in his numerous books and articles. Yet, again we’d have to point to Jacques Vallee as the most credible researcher on this subject, there is something to the all the ancient aliens hypotheses. Vallee points to a number of historical events, UFO sightings and abductions in his work “Dimensions.” There is enough evidence to suggest the phenomenon is much older than a hundred years. This doesn’t mean they built the pyramids…it just means they were around when it happened.

Cover of the book "Dimensions" by Jaques Vallee

That’s a good first point. We need to collect these points. If we put enough of these points on paper. We can look for patterns. Patterns might help us understand intent. While the question of origin may be delayed indefinitely, the question of intent needs to be answered as soon as possible. These entities interact with us, and we should learn why. If we put enough dots on paper, we might be able to connect them and find the central threads to their interaction with us.

The good news is all of this phenomenon history makes a sudden attack seem less likely. If they were invaders from outer space who just showed up this century with increasing frequency, it might be building toward something bad.

The Phenomenon Interacts with Humanity

Which is a good second point. The phenomenon interacts with humanity. A UFO sighting is an interaction. Many people have said encounters with UFO craft changed them. “Havana Syndrome” bears hallmarks of UAP related brain damage. Some cases of “Havana Syndrome” are directly related to UAP as they involved a sighting or interaction. Thus, the phenomenon does more than interact with humanity, it affects us. Cataloging these effects and placing them into categories is essential to understanding the most basic question of intent: is the phenomenon helping us or hurting us?

balwyn ufo 1966
Balwyn UFO Melbourne, Australia 1966

We’ve discussed radiation effects caused by proximity to UFOs, and they are not positive. The vast majority of cases looked at by physicians showed people who stood too close to an energy source. It damaged their insides while leaving their outsides relatively unharmed. This may not be the product of a weapon, but rather the result of being too close to a craft or entity which is emitting a lot of energy. Yet, our clear conclusion after looking at the data in the report compiled for the US government is being anywhere near a UFO is generally bad for people.

In the book “The Eighth Tower” author John Keel wrote: “The most chilling problem I found in my own efforts to reexamine some old cases was the disturbing fact that witnesses, particularly monster witnesses, often die within six months to two years. The apparitions seem to be omens. The deaths usually natural-heart attacks, accidents, prolonged illnesses. Ancient folklore linked the appearances of demons with impending death. There may be more truth to this than we can admit.”

Keel wrote that in 1975. Long before the government released the public report on the physiological effect of UFOs on humans.

UFO/UAP seem to have a big interest in nuclear power and weapons. Researcher Robert Hastings has done fantastic work uncovering the connection between UFOs and UAP. The Malstrom Incident was brought up during the congressional hearing of 2022 and the DOD agreed to look into it. The UAP in this incident flew over a nuclear warhead and disabled it. This is the most famous UFO – Nuke instance. However, Hastings collected sightings of UFOs around power plants, submarines etc.

During contact experiences, UFO entities often warn of impending nuclear danger. They warn us to change course before we destroy ourselves. Which seems benevolent and may be their interest in nukes, but we might be a resource, and they wouldn’t want their resource destroyed. Also, whether or not they are here to gather resources or they live here all the time, or they actually from here….they are here. So, they likely don’t want us blowing them up along with ourselves.

UFO entities have a similar relationship with the environment. Often warning contactees of impending environmental doom. All of the same motives as nukes may be in play regarding their interest in the environment. Particularly, the last one. Author Mac Tonnies made a very strong argument these UFO entities are actually from here. He popularized the term “cryptoterrestrials” meaning an indigenous species of humans responsible for the phenomenon. Tonnies’ theory fits with much of the behavior we’ve seen from the phenomenon. It co-exists with us and has for a long time. Long enough to be considered indigenous. If it doesn’t live here…it’s here often enough…it should really pay taxes.

The next interaction is controversial. When researching UFOs, one of the hardest pieces to accept is abductions. It’s easy to accept there are craft in the sky we can’t identify, but accepting abductions takes a lot more evidence and a lot more courage. We discussed abductions in detail, and it is a real phenomenon. People experience missing time, physiological effects and are physically missing. These are just a few of the physical effects.

The psychological effects range far and wide. Obviously, this is devastating for people who experience it. Yet, the abduction experience goes beyond the psychological. Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack wrote:

“Neurophysiological explanations include sleep paralysis and temporal lobe epilepsy (Spanos et al. 1993; Persinger 1992; Blackmore 1994), but researchers exploring these possibilities have either failed to find such pathology among abduction experiencers or have chosen to overlook important aspects of the phenomenon. For example, many abduction experiences occur under conditions that do not appear to be associated with sleep. Second, abduction experiences are often corroborated by independent UFO sightings or physical evidence. Third, neurophysiological explanations do not account for hyperarousal and anxiety triggered by certain events or images symbolically linked to abduction.”

John Mack – Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens -1994

The existence of abductions, their existence among families and the types of organs extracted during cattle mutilations (reproductive, soft tissue) make it seem very likely the phenomenon is involved in some genetic manipulation, resource gathering or experimentation involving humans.

UFO Interactions Run in Families

Abductions are the most obvious example of a filial connection. Abductions are often repeated events. Meaning they happen throughout a person’s life. If a mother is an abductee. She knows her children are more likely to be abductees. The same is true of many UFO witnesses. They see the objects more than once, and can often find a family member who has seen something similar. The same is also true of events described as “paranormal” or “high strangenesss.”

The connection between UFO sightings and families is an important feature of the UFO-Humanity interaction patterns. Besides further establishing a genetic connection, it might be a way to develop more proactive means of gathering data around the phenomenon. No one may volunteer to be bait, but if they’re already being contacted…why not carry along an EMF meter or have a sensor nearby?

This might be the means by which contact is established. It’s inserted into bloodlines. It is definitely the way the phenomenon spreads through families. If I’m a contactee and your not and we have kids, now our kids are contactees. You just infected my family. Thanks.

This might be a marker or beacon to allow further contact between two beings from different worlds. Researchers at Skinwalker Ranch experienced the “Hitchhiker Effect.” Where people who had previously had no paranormal experiences began having them, after they left the ranch. Then people close to them began having the experiences. It transferred like a virus. Here again we see an example of the phenomenon being related to our physiology and biology. This presents an opportunity for research.

visible light on the elctromagnetic spectrum chart

The UFO Phenomenon Involves High Strangeness

Abductions might be the hardest point to accept, because of its implications regarding our own safety

The second hardest point for many researchers to accept is the phenomenon involves “high strangeness.” The term was coined by the late astronomer
J. Allen Hynek to incorporate the stranger side of UFO encounters. This includes poltergeist activity (sounds of people in the house), cryptids (creatures that only exist in legend e.g. Sasquatch) and the infamous Men in Black. Hynek was the lead scientist on project Blue Book for the Air Force. He knew what he was talking about. Mind you, he began his career as a UFO skeptic.

Author John Keel thought the “Men in Black” might be the key to the whole thing. He wrote about them during the UFO flap which yielded his book “The Mothman Prophecies.” The Men in Black Keel was most interested in, were the kind witnesses considered not human. Keel went to great lengths to document and verify what he saw during that time, and his book is widely read and respected among the research community. The events in Keel’s book took place over a year of “high strangeness” in Point Pleasant West Virginia during the 1960’s. These events bear a striking similarity to modern accounts and reports yielded from the study of Skinwalker Ranch.

Cover to the book "The Mothman Prophecies" by John Keel

Keel documented many of the elements of the UFO phenomenon which seem absurd. And that’s the rub…everyone who gets into UFO research is looking at those flying objects as advanced ships a la “Star Trek” and hoping to meet a Vulcan. When they encounter data that demonstrates the UFO phenomenon is more suggestive of an interdimensional or mysterious intelligence, they become more likely to reject it based on their own bias.

Skinwalker Ranch is the perfect example. The USG spent 22 million dollars of our tax money on the ranch. The small program studying UAP (which yielded the Tic-Tac videos) was just a part of this larger Skinwalker Ranch program. Many elements of high strangeness (cryptids, portals, poltergeists) were observed and recorded at the ranch along with UFOs, establishing a rock solid connection between the two. The incidents happened during the private (Bigelow) study that preceded the government program and the study that is currently following it (Fugal). Backed by similar incidents in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Bradshaw Ranch, Arizona this seems a solid line of inquiry. Unless you simply dismiss the ranch because of what it implies, but that would be silly.

Again, that’s why it’s important to suspend the question of origin. It gets in the way of the data, and we’re always trying to make the data fit into a point of origin for these objects. We do this to make them into something we understand. Yet, evidence defies categorization and the phenomenon is not to be trusted. It can lead us to believe it’s from where ever it would like to be from that day.

The Phenomenon is Deceptive

It takes two sides to have a conspiracy. You can’t have a conspiracy of one. Well, you can but it would be boring. If we consider the hidden existence of the UFO phenomenon a conspiracy. The one side is keeping it hidden (the government) and the other side is staying hidden (the phenomenon). It’s not like it just shows up at the White House or hovering over downtown Phoenix. OK. It did those things, but it’s pretty shy and has managed to stay out of the spotlight for (maybe) thousands of years.

Which lead us to wonder what abductees and contactees have heard during their experiences. Have any of them heard where the UFOs are from and why they are here? They have, and they’ve heard a lot of different stories. People with remarkably similar stories to “alien” abductions were also abducted by Faeries and other creatures of myth. Yet, the template of their encounter (which was documented) is very similar to the template of an “alien abduction.”

This indicates abduction and (possible) genetic manipulation has been occurring in bloodlines for as long as the objects have been here (which is likely thousands of years). This might be the “why” of the UFO phenomenon. We might be lab rats in a big genetic experiment, and those in charge of the experiment might not be extra-terrestrial. The purpose of the experiment might be as difficult to comprehend as a lab rat trying to understand a vaccine. Yet, at least the rat knows it’s in an experiment.

It seems less necessary to understand the purpose of the experiment (quantum entaglement, hybridization, genetic, immunity or reproductive material, alteration of human dna long-term etc.) than to acknowledge the fact that it looks like an experiment. Medical and physical research on the people affected and the patterns that emerge will likely divulge the central reason it is interacting with humanity.

In “Dimensions” Vallee argues that these abductions are an attempt at misdirection, and the phenomenon is impacting our belief systems in order to teach humanity something. UFO related phenomenon are part of a performance that acts as a control system by altering our behavior as a species over time. He questions why such a powerful species would need humanity for something so simple as reproductive material. And if it’s DNA they want…why go through all of the trouble of abductions? We have much simpler ways of collecting DNA. Ya know…like spit.

It’s a good question. Yet, in our view that doesn’t mean that something else physical isn’t taking place during the abduction scenario. Something else isn’t added or removed. To us, it looks like all of these (phenomenon) staged abductions are just ways of spicing up getting the milk from the cows.

We all have a habit of overthinking the phenomenon. For example, in the Nimitz encounter the pilot who engaged the tic-tac UAP felt like he was in a dog fight and was beaten at every move. When the naval jets left to go to the rendezvous point. The UAP was already there waiting for them. From our POV it sounds obvious. The UAP was saying “everything you can do I can do better, and you couldn’t even run from me.” Simple definitions. Scientists sometimes have a hard time seeing simple definitions. Police officers talk about seeing the world in simple definitions, because those are most often correct in their line of work. In simple terms, the Nimitz encounter was a show of force. That is what the pilots felt they witnessed. A show of force.

That attitude doesn’t sound like peace loving space bros. It sounds like someone saying: “we can beat you anytime we want.” That’s a warning. It’s a gorilla beating its chest. This fits into the overall attitude of the phenomenon. It’s doing what it wants when it wants and it wants us to know it from time to time. There is a general lack of mutual respect here…and the phenom might not be as sophisticated as we are in some ways (or as familiar with human thought). You don’t have to be smart or cool to run fast. These things may have been born with these capabilities. It may have involved no more sophistication or development to demonstrate them than the ability to run fast.

They may not be trying to teach us anything. They might be doing what they normally do, and messing with us when they get bored, and that sounds almost human or at least animal. This is consistent with some of the behavior evidenced at Skinwalker Ranch where the phenomenon broke equipment, hid a pack of prize bulls and put on cosmic light shows. The experiences were even tailored to individuals. The stories from the ranch don’t sound like it was teaching people something to us. It sounds like a cat playing with a ball of yarn.

The forms chosen when taking a human or interacting with a human might involve the same amount of forethought as a child choosing from a box full of old costumes. “I don’t think I’ll wear the Mothman today. I wanna be an alien grey.” Although abductees and experiencers say the forms they interacted with are as real as flesh and blood, and there is further evidence the phenomenon takes definite shape in some of the physical traces it leaves, these forms may be only temporary or chosen for the purpose of the task.

This includes the shape of the crafts and their form. While the US Government is very likely in possession of both a craft and occupants from Roswell, New Mexico and Varghina, Brazil, the craft and bodies are likely nuts & blots and flesh & blood. The phenomenon is not strictly visionary and capable of full materialization in the physical world.

Theory: People don’t report being abducted by Faeries anymore. The Phenomenon is deceptive. We don’t believe in faeries anymore. Similar beings to faeries are a part of the mythology of cultures worldwide (Japanese Kami, Middle Eastern Djinn). So, it had to choose a form which had a similarly “magical” capability. It needed a form that could do things beyond our imagination and it needed us to believe that it could. So, it chose aliens. This is more or less the conclusion of many researchers (Vallee, Keel et al), and appears to be the the conclusion of the author of the Pentagon report as well. It is also the most likely conclusion from our POV.

This makes it difficult to explain when someone asks a question like “Do you believe in Bigfoot?” I think Bigfoot is as real as a grey alien. They are real for the moment. Whether or not they were independently intelligent and conscious for the time they exist is not known. Though a number of abductees and experiencers believe the grey aliens are a form of organic robot. All of it might be staged.

Vallee refers to these forms, craft and beings as “interaction icons.” It’s as good a name as any. The form is chosen based on the individual and the situation. Whether or not the form is controlled by an individual or mass intelligence is unknown, but the point on which we agree most is: The forms it displays are not the true shape of the phenomenon. Some of those forms might be its original shape, but we would have no way of knowing whether it prefers the Mothman shape to the Sylph shape.

Thus, we take what we can from this. The phenomenon is deceptive. Its true form is unknown, and the same phenomenon and patterns are present regardless of the form of craft or physical body. Faerie abductions are the same as insectoid-reptilian abductions which are the same as grey alien abductions. It’s the same thing.

In this theory, it might be easier to think of our reality as a video game, and prior to entering the game the phenomenon chooses a ship, body and mission to complete each level.

This theory tends to fall into the larger research category of “interdimensional hypotheses.” It is seen as opposed to the “extra-terrestrial hypotheses” which sees the earth as being visited by a variety of extra-terrestrial species. This division is spurious. An extra-terrestrial species could have all of the capabilities mentioned in this article, just as easily as an interdimensional species. Our science fiction creates these categories. The data merely suggests we’re dealing with something our fiction would relegate to an interdimensional entity. Whether or not this is accurate is less important as what it says about the nature of the phenomenon.

The Phenomenon is Powerful

Whether or not these beings are from the 8th dimension or Orion’s belt they have the capabilities we mentioned. This includes: traveling at impossible speed, trans-medium travel, telepathy, teleportation, matter manipulation/materialization, clairvoyance or future prediction et al. These capabilities make them vastly more powerful than a pack of Vulcans. The propensity for deception combined with these capabilities makes it unlikely we will find to the keys to unlocking the most basic questions of who they are or where they are from in the near term. Because these capabilities give them the ability to hide those answers from us. So, it doesn’t really matter if they are interdimensional or extraterrestrial. What is the nature of their interaction with humanity? This we can discern. We know us. We can talk to us. We’re sometimes reasonable….

The most concrete link to the phenomenon and humans is through the abduction phenomenon. There has been some study of people who’ve been abducted and Professor Gerry Nolan has been studying them. The results of his data may indicate the nature of biological or genetic changes abductees experience. The nature of these changes will provide some clue as to the focus of the phenomenon’s interest in us. For example, if they’re taking from or enhancing our immune systems, it might be to boost their own immunity.

The other group of humans worthy of more study are those who’ve come into proximity with a UFO. In our article “UFOs and Brain Damage: Stranger Danger” we delve further into this subject, but it gets complex. The radiation signature left on humans after close contact with UFOs is similar to that of individuals affected by “Havana Syndrome.” In both cases, it’s bad. People who come into close contact with UFOs tend to get irradiated.

The Phenomenon is Callous

This last part is difficult to take. It’s the part that should put a fire under Congress to improve efforts toward disclosure. People are getting hurt. There are anecdotal cases of people who say they’ve been helped by a UFO related experience. There is a whole book here in which people claim to have been healed by a UFO related experience. Some cases of UFO healing have medical evidence associated. It is likely that a small minority of UFO cases have yielded positive effects. That’s the good news.

The bad news is the vast majority of reported cases involve negative health effects derived from close contact with UFOs. The best (collected) data we have in the public to support this claim comes from the Pentagon’s report titled: Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues. The report compiled decades of research conducted on individuals who’d come close to UFOs and attempted to identify what the effect was on humans.

From the DIA “Sub Acute” report mentioned

The results were bad. The report is worth reading and the index is worth looking into as well. The index mentions the cases used in compiling the report. There are a lot of them. Immune system issues are repeatedly reported following a UFO experience, along with non-ionized radiation effects and pregnancies. The fetus is removed from the mother prior to birth.

Analysis: We keep asking ourselves…why are they here? And yet the Pentagon’s own report indicates there is a genetic experimentation program in place. We all see the dots. Everyone is afraid to connect them. No one wants to cause a panic. The connection between abductions and families speaks to a genetic component to the phenomenon. Humanity might be a resource. That’s the bad news. No one wants to wipe out a resource. That’s the good news.

Resources aren’t treated like friends. The nature of our interactions with the phenomenon, when taken en masse, appear to be the relationship between a group of lab animals and researchers. Simple definitions: The researchers protect and avoid contact and don’t harm the lab animals…unless it’s part of an experiment or the gathering of resources. Also, farmers don’t shoot their cows…mostly.

However, the phenomenon will defend itself when attacked, and harm humans when it sees the need. Which seems consistent with the researcher – lab animal – or resource dynamic. Do we live in a lab or on a farm might be the better question?

Disclosure and Future Study

To sum up we have a:
1) Ancient worldwide intelligence
2) Extremely powerful/capable
3) Interacts and Abducts Humans
4) Is strange and absurd
5) Remains hidden

When we look at just those five points, the lack of disclosure and acceptance among academia and media make sense. The lack of forthcoming information from world governments makes sense. While humans have a remarkable capacity for adaptation and (in today’s world) perhaps apathy…accepting all of this would be disruptive. Some people wouldn’t take it well.

Currently, polls show 41% of the US believes some UFOs have been alien spacecraft. This is up 8 points from the last poll, likely due to the more serious way the discussion is being conducted. The “Tic-Tac videos” and scientists such as Harvard Chair of Astrophysics, Avi Loeb engaging with the subject in a serious way has had a positive effect. The more people who accept the phenomenon and demand answers, the harder the answers will be to hide. Even if they are prematurely declaring it extra-terrestrial.

Yet, disclosure may not bring answers. The ambiguity is likely one reason for the lack of disclosure. World governments don’t know what this is. They don’t want to cause a panic among their own people, and they don’t want to tell rival nations what they know about the phenomenon. Mastering UFO technology might give a nation an unbeatable edge on the battlefield. If your opponent believes you might be ahead of them on this track, why would you tell them you don’t even know where to find the track?

So, how do we in the public learn more about the phenomenon from our little ant hill? We should do what we do best. Gather data, categorize it and analyze the patterns. We gather pieces (wavelengths, bio-signatures, sensor data), we combine this with witness reports and credible research to create and eliminate hypotheses. More money into research will help.

It is likely Project Galileo will trigger more questions, more research and more money. Those of us with some information on the subject can help those who don’t by encouraging open minds. Accepting that objects we can’t explain are flying around our skies is a big step for people. We’re not even there yet…still at 41%. We’re a long way off from people accepting they are interacting with something(s) much more strange and powerful than us.

A Nimitz “Tic Tac Encounter” image – fair use

This website was begun with the same mentality of gathering evidence and analysis. After learning UFOs were real, we began collecting related pieces. We created a standard of evidence, so we would only count the relevant pieces, and two years later we wound up here. Our first summary or thesis to date is something akin to the Keel, Valle Ultraterrestrial – Interdimensional Hypotheses with a bit of Mac Tonnies Cryptoterrestrials thrown in because we think they’re from here or they live here, maybe just off to the side.

The human-animal behavior evidenced means they’re either imitating us, related to us or they are us. The fact they do us little harm means we’re important to them, either a resource or an experiment. Which is arguably the same in its effect upon us.

The various categories on the site coordinate to the shape of the phenomenon as we see it. We’ve gone to great lengths to demonstrate with credible links and research the evidence which suggested this summary. UFOs, Cryptids, Poltergeists, Ancient Mysteries, and Strange Science. All of that might just seem like your standard list of the paranormal…but it began with UFOs. Just UFOs. We wanted to know how they flew.

Reccomendations: Hypotheses developed for experimentation should incorporate the current state and suggestions of the evidence. More attention needs to be paid to the human connection and genetic testing. Less focus on things like propulsion make sense, (the phenomenon demonstrates capabilities far beyond our own). Paranormal hotspots such as Skinwalker Ranch are UFO stories. The events that happened there are related to UFOs, and there is a lot of corroborative evidence in the public if one doesn’t trust the USG. The data gleaned from the ranch should be incorporated into UFO hypotheses slated for experimentation. Three major scientific studies, numerous scientists, researchers and they keep filming UAP on the TV show…something is there. Something repeatable, and it says a lot about the phenomenon.

The research brought us here and this is better than ignorance. It’s tempting to just shrug your shoulders and smile when people ask what UFOs are. It’s easier to just say “I don’t know,” but that’s not true. We know a lot about this phenomenon. We just need to look at it without objection and without bias. Occasionally, we need to have the courage to explore this phenomenon without a hypothesis.

If it toys with our expectations…let us have no expectations.


Without going into too much detail, for your notes and ours, we’ll collect trends we’ve seen when looking through credible sightings and data. These are not requirements or guidelines. They’re just trends. Things that keep turning up and might mean something to determining some of the bigger questions around the phenomonenon.

  1. The phenomenon is not just attracted to Nuclear energy, but all types of energy generation. UFOs are seen around many different types of power plants. Leading researchers to wonder if they are recharging their batteries.
  2. The phenomenon is often seen around volcanoes and mountains. Areas that have seen a lot of geological activity. As these UFOs are transmedium, they have been seen passing into mountains and volcanoes. Leading some researchers to theorize there are bases structures for these entities within the earth.
  3. There are an unusual amount of odd disappearances which involve reports of associated paranormal phenomenon around National Parks.
  4. There is a long list of ranchers who associate cattle mutilations and researchers with UFOs. Cattle mutilations are loaded with evidence. Energy signatures, incision marks, types of organs removed.
  5. Crop circles are both man made and some seem to have anomalous origins. The way the stalks/vegetation are depressed and its orientation appear to be the best way to determine whether or not what you’re seeing is anomalous.
  6. “Havana Syndrome” bears the hallmarks of UAP energy signatures, but the selection of targets appear to have strategic value for adversaries of the USA. Indicating some cases of Havana Syndrome may be related to UAP, while others are the product of an energy weapon.
  7. There is some resemblance in both appearance and behavior of entities seen while under the influence of the drug DMT and UFO entities. The study of entities seen while on DMT is continuing.
  8. Cryptid events are often reported by couples engaged in romantic behavior. The classic B movie trope of monsters attacking the hormonal teenage couple is somewhat warranted. Hormones or pheromones may cause a reaction in the phenomenon.
  9. UFO encounters, especially close encounters, are more likely to occur in rural or sparsely populated areas.
  10. Numerous USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) have been seen my submarines and the public. The objects are moving at impossibly fast speeds, indicating the water may not be affecting its travel. They can travel through the sky, earth and water….no problem.

Why are there no Good Pictures of UFOs?

Because there are…is the answer. Yet, that’s the usual question. What do they look like? How do you know? Why are they always so blurry? How can you tell that’s not a bird?

A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. Which means anything in the sky you can’t identify is a UFO. When scientists and pilots can’t identify it, it’s more of a UFO. When it appears to be an intelligently driven craft exhibiting capabilities beyond our known science, it’s really the UFO people are talking about.

At this point, we’re all well aware 95% of UFOs can be explained as natural or man-made objects. When we say UFO, and when you say UFO, we’re referring to the kind that appears to be not human. Those that exhibit movements and speeds beyond what modern physics can explain. When Congress asked the United States Department of Defense about UFOs in May of 2022, they weren’t asking about Mylar balloons and airborne clutter. They were asking about evidence of non-human craft within our atmosphere.

Yet, what they got were airborne clutter answers and stonewalling. From the Fortean Winds POV, the DoD danced around the answer during the hearing. They acknowledged that UAP incidents were rising, but claimed improved sensors and drones were the likely cause. When pressed, the DOD pointed to the fact their primary purpose is the safety and defense of the USA and their military personnel. They are not responsible for scientific inquiry.

“We are also mindful of our obligation to protect sensitive sources and methods, Our goal is to strike that delicate balance – one that will enable us to maintain the public’s trust while preserving those capabilities that are vital to the support of our service personnel.”

“We do not want potential adversaries to know exactly what we see or understand,”

Under Secretary Ronald Moultrie – House Intelligence Hearing May 2022

In the months since this hearing, various Congressman have expressed displeasure at being denied information that is now in the public domain. Although they are difficult to verify, and sometimes outright hoaxes, a variety of UFO pictures and videos are put out by the public every day. Several youtube, Tik-Tok and Instagram channels have taken on the task of aggregating and publicizing them. Many of these videos are connected to active MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) cases. MUFON is a well-established public UFO organization, and they have their own youtube channel. It should be noted MUFON interviews witnesses and follows up on cases as much as allowed. So, their opinion as to which of these public videos are truly unidentified is informed. They often check flight data, astronomical data, take witness reports and follow up with the military as much as allowed.

Congress is in the awkward position of not being able to acknowledge any of these public photos and videos as real, unless the DoD acknowledges they are unidentified. Yet, those of us in the public are under no such restrictions. If a member of the public snaps a good picture of a UFO and public researchers have been unable to debunk it…why not accept it as a UFO? Especially, when the same object is spotted and filmed by multiple people…sometimes days apart.

This recently surfaced photographed from the 1990’s has been dubbed the “Calvine Photograph” and it was featured in a Newsweek article: “Best’ UFO Picture Ever, the Calvine Photo, Found After 30 Years Missing.” It’s not terribly grainy, a blur in the sky or a white dot. These are the most common complaints we see when looking at the comments on UFO pictures and videos. It’s a massive object in the sky with an airplane for scale. It was photographed by two hikers, who gave it to a newspaper (The Daily Record), who then handed it to the UK Ministry of Defense. The diamond shaped object rendered in this clear photograph remains unidentified.

Calvine Photograph enhanced – Craig Lindsay -Fair use

In 1966, more than 200 students and teachers at schools near Melbourne, Australia witnessed an Unidentified Flying Object. This become the infamous “Westall UFO Encounter” in research circles. Multiple witnesses lend credence to a sighting. 200 witnesses lend more credence. There were also seven pilots in the air that witnessed unexplained craft that day. Witnesses claimed military and police were at the scene within 30 minutes of the incident. According to numerous witnesses they were told to keep silent about it. A witness took the photograph below.

Alleged Photo of the Westalll UFO Encounter- AAP – Fair Use

The silver bell below is known as the Balwyn photograph and it was taken in 1966. The photographer took the photo from his mother’s garden, in the Melbourne area, four days before the Westall school incident. While the photo acquired its share of critics over the years. Francois Beaulieu of Project 1947 provides excellent image analysis which points to the veracity of this picture. The 1960’s were an especially active decade for UFO and UAP.

Balwyn UFO photo – Fair Use

The photograph below was taken in Costa Rica in 1971. More importantly, is how it was obtained. The chain of evidence in each of these photographs is important to determining their veracity. A photo taken by a random influencer on Insta is less reliable than this one. Which was taken by the National Geographic Institute also known as the Instituto Geográfico Nacional. The team was taking photos in an airplane 10,000 feet above Lake Cote in Costa Rica. The aerial survey which obtained this photograph was involved in the planning of a new hydroelectric dam.

National Geographic Institute – 1971 – Fair Use

Costa Rica is also the site of what the Fortean Winds team considers the best video of a UFO ever recorded. The sound that can be heard in the clip below is unfortunately that of a drill being used by a nearby worker. So, we can’t hear the sound of the engine, which might have given us a small clue to its propulsion mechanism. Yet, the video itself is very clear and reminiscent of the craft which was spotted in the infamous “Tic-Tac UFO” videos. The fact this clip was filmed in 2007 makes this extremely unlikely to be a drone or man-made object.

Eyes on Cinema Youtube Channel – Costa Rica 2007

Even more recently, UFOs have been frequently spotted in Medellin, Columbia . Those who claim these are military maneuvers will have to explain why Medellin Columbia is such an important strategic target for so many countries. Do people really believe the US or its enemies are flying advanced craft maneuvers over Medellin? It doesn’t make sense. Yet, the video below was filmed on April 9, 2022. It was filmed and viewed by multiple observers.

The object doesn’t make maneuvers we cannot explain, but it moves in a manner which makes it less likely to be a drone. Which leaves us with an odd, but less definitive piece of evidence. The fact UFOs have been filmed making anomalous maneuvers over Columbia before, makes this video even more interesting, but not definitive. The shape of the object in comparison to the other objects mentioned above is similar. Once again, making this clip anomalous and worthy of consideration.

The above is just a small sample of the evidence of anomalous craft in the public domain. Ironically, the public doesn’t seem to want to accept the validity of its own footage. Instead, they turn to the government to verify the clips. Yet, the government has repeatedly stonewalled and occasionally just lied about the veracity of these clips. Which leaves us in a pickle. If the people were expecting to verify these clips are lying about them, how will we ever know the truth?

Further Analysis:

Take heart curious friends. We have two paths before us to learn more about the ACTUAL UFOs (not advanced military aircraft, not natural events). The UFOs which perform in ways our current science does not understand.

  1. Congress continues to support public disclosure and launches their own investigations into what the DoD knows about the phenomenon. This is currently happening. Representatives in both parties such as (R) Tim Burchett and (D) Adam Schiff made it clear they can understand the difference between Non-human and Human UFOs. They’re asking for information on the Non-human kind. We in the public can support this effort by offering those politicians our votes or letters and phone calls. Congress will be able to view classified information and determine how to best message the public.

2. The public investigation into the phenomenon is picking up steam. We have some of the greatest scientific minds in the world, finally, attempting to learn more about these objects. Project Galileo is being lead by Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb. The team includes brilliant scientists and physicists, well-regarded UFO researchers such as Jaques Vallee and former pilots and experiencers such as those involved in the Tic Tac incident.

After viewing some very clear pictures of UFOs. We feel its best to remind you there are efforts underway to understand more about these objects. It can be disconcerting to accept that we are not alone on this planet. And that means this planet…We don’t know whether or not these objects are extra-terrestrial or not. The objects we are most interested in, are the objects that appear to be not human and within our atmosphere.

Angelic Descriptions in the Bible

The image of angels with white wings and golden hair did not come from the Bible. Nor did the image of chubby cherubs shooting bows come from the Book of Job. Biblical Angels were creatures of pure spirit, and thus could take many forms. Most Biblical scholars believe it’s impossible for us to know what form an Angel might take. However, they did make various appearances in the Bible and some allege to have seen them since the Biblical era.

Invisible Angels

“The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them”

Psalm 34:7

The Bible gives multiple accounts of Angels appearing invisible to humans, but still being able to affect the physical world. In Psalm 91 verse 11 it is said that God “will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Many Christians interpret this to mean Angels are surrounding us and involving themselves in human affairs daily.

Of course, this lends itself to the opposite as well, and demons too are trying to get at people daily. It invokes the concept of Spiritual warfare with prayer and communication with God at the center. From this perspective, Angels are the invisible protectors which guard and help humanity.

Depiction of an Angel appearing before a group of men in awe.
The Angel Appearing before the Shepherds’ by Thomas Buchanan Read, Dayton Art Institute

Angels Appearing as Humans

“Don’t forget to entertain strangers, because in this manner, some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Hebrews 13:2

Angels can appear in human guise and do so in the Bible. The above verse from Hebrews is often quoted in response to the concept of Angels in human form. In Genesis, Jacob wrestles with an Angel (some believe God). The Angel then tells him he’s persevered and should now be called Israel. Many believe this to be an allegorical tale of the Israeli people’s own struggles with God.

Angels came to Abraham and Sarah in the form of men to tell them they would have a son. Sarah laughed, as she thought she was past the age of childbirth. The Angel asked her why she laughed. She gave birth to Isaac at the age of 90. Their appearance is described as men.

And he lifted up his eyes, and looked: and lo, three men stood by him, and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself to the ground.

Genesis 18:2

Angels Appearing as the Unknown

“Above him were seraphim, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying. And they were calling to one another: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.’”

Isaiah 6: 2-3

There are a category of Angelic appearances which defy description. Here we’re simply going to call them unknown. The above which describes Angels with six wings is difficult to visualize, and we we have no earthly analog to such a creature.

It is possible the form taken during these appearances were messages in themselves. In the book of Ezekiel, the prophet is shown visions of Angels (Cherubim) with the heads of animals and four wings. He is also shown a vision of perhaps the most bizarre description of an Angel in the Bible. These are known as the Ophanim.

 “They sparkled like topaz, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel. As they moved, they would go in any one of the four directions the creatures faced; the wheels did not change direction as the creatures went. Their rims were high and awesome, and all four rims were full of eyes all around” – Ezekiel 1: 16-18

Ezekiel 1: 16-18
A large set of white wings on a black background above the Fortean Winds Logo
“Madonna and Child with Angels” by Pietro di Domenico da Montepulciano, 1420 (Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art Public Domain)

Modern Accounts of Angels

Modern accounts of Angels take many forms. Many of us have the felt presence of protection. Perhaps we didn’t fall when should have fallen, and marveled at the miracle of good fortune. Yet, the feeling of a presence and a warmth is often described in modern Angelic accounts, along with a pleasant scent. Some describe a white robed humanoid with a celestial glow about them, giving them the right warning at the right time to avoid danger. These accounts are often what is characterized by popular fiction as an “Angel.”

“And I was surprised they really did have wings, even more so that these wings reached from above their head to the ground”

Seeing Angels: Emma Heathcote-James · 2009

Fortean Analysis:

Our modern perception of what Angels look like, is clearly informed by the history of our art. The image of winged gods dates back to Assyria (and before). When Angels first began to appear in what has become our modern version of Christianity (post-Constantine, 4th or 5th Century AD). The art in this era didn’t include wings, and winged angel art really took off during the Renaissance. Thus forming our modern concept of what an Angel looks like.

That said, the Bible DOES mention Angels with wings. It’s just that they happen to have six of them. Not many paintings with those Angels on them. God tells Noah to put Cherubs on the ark, but the Cherubim had two sets of wings and four faces (ox, lion, eagle and human). A lot different than what you would find on a Valentine’s Day card. Then of course there is the book of Enoch which we mention in our article. The Curious Case of Moses Wilhelm Shapira. It goes a little deeper into Angelic lore. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s worth checking out.

Neil Armstrong and the Lost Library of Gold

We had to write this article because the whole thing sounds like Pulp Fiction from the 1930’s.  What’s most shocking about this story (besides the fact that Neil Armstrong did go searching for a lost library of gold in South America) is that it was so out of character for America’s first man on the moon.  He was always such a steady guy, so in 1976 when he went down to Southeastern Ecuador to look for a lost library of gold…it counts as an anomaly.  In fact, outside of the moon landing, this is the most famous expedition of the intrepid adventurer known as: Neil.

The Discovery

The expedition began with a discovery.  A local Salesian priest named Father Carlo Crespi (1891-1982) worked with the indigenous people of Ecuador.  He was a revered humanitarian, academic and historian.  He is credited with acquiring the first film footage of the native Shuar people of the region in the 1920’s, and they liked him.  They liked him a lot.  They began to bring him local artifacts they found as thanks for his kindness.  Many of the artifacts were metallic and included strange writing.

Father Carlo Crespi – With his Ethnogrpahic Collection – Wikidata

Crespi knew the natives were poor but proud.  While he thought they might be reluctant to accept donations, they would accept payment for the objects they brought to Crespi.  So, the villagers continued to bring Crespi objects and he would pay for them when he could (even if the objects were fake).  The result was a collection of 50,000 artifacts from various periods of South American history ( and not just South American).  Many of them were authentic. Over time, Father Crespi is estimated to have collected 50,000 artifacts. The objects were kept in the courtyard of the church Maria Auxiliadora in Ecuador.  However, in 1962 there was a fire and many of the objects were lost. Many of the remaining artifacts disappeared with the assumption they were sold to private collectors, claimed by the Vatican or just plain stolen.  Still, some of the artifacts remain as does photographic evidence of the collection and they contain numerous anomalies.

The objects bear similarities to artifacts from distant ancient cultures such as Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, China, and Africa.  The writing and alphabet on some of the objects is completely unknown and intricate.  It matches no known alphabet, ancient or otherwise.  Furthermore, pyramids identical to the Egyptian pyramids (rather than the stepped pyramids of South America) are depicted along with a symbol resembling the “Eye of Horus” or “Eye of Providence.”  It can be seen hovering over the top of the pyramid the same way it can be seen on the dollar bill or The Great Seal of the USA.  What remains of the objects is no longer accessible to the public and the origin and date of the artifacts remains unknown.  Naturally, this mystery attracted interest and speculation.

Depiction of a Pyramid – Father Crespi Collection

The Entrance to the Cave

In the 1960’s an explorer by the name of János Juan Móricz claimed to have discovered a library within a massive cave system which would come to be known as “La Cueva de los Tayos” or The Tayos Cave System.  He claimed to have wandered through the system until he came to a hall of man-made walls and architecture.  Within these halls were tablets made of precious metals such as gold and silver with strange writing on them.  Móricz thought they contained the history of humanity.

He claimed the symbology on the artifacts resembled ancient Sumerian and Egyptian pieces.  However, once Móricz left the cave system he (apparently) lost track of the library but was able to still identify the entrance.  The claims made by Móricz echoed the artifacts collected by Father Crespi, which made researchers wonder if Móricz had not found the source of the objects given to Crespi by the Natives.

Cueva de los Tayos, Ecuador – Google Maps

This theorizing culminated with the publication of a book by ancient astronaut theorist Erich Van Daniken titled “Gold of the Gods.”  In the book, Van Daniken expanded on the alleged findings of Móricz and publicized the idea that the Metal Library was extraterrestrial in origin.  He believed the findings in Ecuador were similar to findings at other ancient sites, such as Nan Madol in Micronesia. Van Daniken argues these sites show contact between ancient cultures over vast distances and artifacts which go beyond coincidental, and point to past contact with ancient aliens and advanced technology.


Stan Hall was a Scottish researcher and engineer with a penchant for exploration and adventure.  He became intrigued by Móricz ‘claims and attempted to mount an expedition.  Through an acquaintance(they had a distant relation), Hall reached out to Neil Armstrong who was living on a farm in Ohio and teaching Aerospace Engineering.  For reasons of his own, Armstrong agreed to join Hall on the expedition and this added the star power needed for the expedition to gain resources.  Funding came from the governments of the United Kingdom and Ecuador, allowing Armstrong and Hall to pursue the “Metal Library” of legend.

In 1976 Hall and Armstrong entered the cave accompanied by more than a hundred people including top scientists, joint special forces and sperologists.  They did not find the library, but they did find evidence of human occupation along with a body dating back to 1500 BCE.  They also found more than 100 new species of butterflies, 40 new species of bats and 200 new species of beetles.  It’s still one of the largest cave explorations ever conducted and Neil’s second most-famous adventure.

Legend of Los Tayos 1976 program

Today, Stan Hall’s grand-daughter Eileen Hall still explores the area and leads expeditions in the hopes of finding “The Metal Library.”  The cave system entered by Armstrong and Hall has been heavily explored since the 1970’s.  There are even tours into parts of it.  Yet, there is controversy as to how much of the cave has been explored.  There is also debate as to whether or not Armstrong and Hall went through the right entrance to find the Metal Library.  Adventurers still head to the Tayos caves today in hopes of finding the hidden pathway of Juan Móricz and the Metal Library of the ancient aliens.


Armstrong’s involvement and evidence of Father Crespi’s collection are the two strangest pieces of evidence in this affair.  Stan Hall was also known as an analytical and logical man.  While less is known of Juan Móricz, who did know the entrance to the cave system.  Yet, he (suspiciously)  did not bring back evidence of the metal library or its exact location.  Crespi’s collection is a complete unknown.  What remains of it might be in the Vatican museum or has been taken by private collectors and thieves, which would make them very hard to verify.  Finding and dating the objects in Crespi’s collection seems to be the shortest and most logical path to determining whether or not they are authentic and anomalous. So, we’ll hope one turns up available for study. Until then, we can hope one of the present day adventurers into the unknown hands us a metal library card.

The James Webb Space Telescope and WASP-96b

  By now you’ve heard of the James Webb telescope and if you haven’t, you’re probably afraid to ask.  So we’ll run you through a quick primer on what the James Webb telescope is and why it’s such a big deal (just in case).  Once you understand all of that, you’ll know why WASP-96b is important to the James Webb and why some knowledge of it may be important to you. 

The James Webb Space Telescope

     The James Webb Space Telescope, as it is officially known, is an infrared space telescope.  An infrared telescope is what it sounds like.  It detects infrared wavelengths on the infrared (lower than visible) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Which not only allows the James Webb Telescope to see very far, but it can see things our eyes cannot.  This is important to its mission because the goal is to take a look at the beginning of time itself.  That’s not really an exaggeration.  

Carina Nebula Webb Telescope – NASA

Why is the James Webb Space Telescope a Big Deal

      The James Webb Space Telescope is a big deal because it gives us both the ability to see the farthest away from our planet and the farthest back in time of any device to date.  It’s a bit of a window through time.  Light moves at the speed of….well light, but that speed is finite.  It’s roughly 186,000 miles per second.  So, it’s been moving that fast since the beginning of time.  For example the dinosaurs were around 60 million years ago, and the Virgo Cluster is around 60 million light years away.  If you were standing on a planet in the Virgo Cluster looking at earth with a really big telescope, you’d see dinosaurs.  The light on the earth, including the image of the dinosaurs, would be just reaching the Virgo Cluster now.  So, with the James Webb we’re able to see light that existed all the way up to 13.7 billion years ago.  The universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old (that may change based on the Webb results).  Therefore, the James Webb telescope should be able to show us what the universe looked like all the way down to 100 million years before the big bang.  That’s a big deal.

Stefan’s Quintet – Webb Telescope NASA

The History and Deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope

Discussions of a follow-up to the Hubble Space telescope (the Webb can detect objects up to 100 times more faint than the Hubble) began in the 1980s.  However, the serious planning didn’t start until the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The project took shape over the years and in 2002, NASA renamed the project after their second administrator James E Webb who was instrumental in the Apollo mission.  The project was infamously delayed, billions of dollars over budget and a few years later than expected. Yet, at a final cost of 10 billion dollars…we can see pretty close to when this whole universal rat race started.  The James Webb finally launched on December 25,2021, and it’s now sitting almost a million miles away from earth taking pictures.

WASP-96b is an Exoplanet 

WASP-96b is an exoplanet 1150 light years from earth.  An exoplanet is a planet which orbits a star outside of our own solar system.  WASP-96b is composed mainly of gas.  This gas giant, which is around half the size of Jupiter, was confirmed to have water recently by the James Webb Telescope.  Why were they looking at WASP-96b…because they thought it didn’t have water aka clouds.  The absence of water and clouds would have given the James Webb an extremely clear view of the distant planet.  However, the fact it was able to detect water is a miracle of modern science.  As you can see from the wavelength of light analysis below, the Webb was able to detect water more than a thousand light years away. Quite an opening act for an over-budget, long-delayed space project.

WASP-96b Analysis – Webb Telescope NASA


There is nothing particularly Fortean or anomalous about the James Webb telescope.  Yet, it drives us toward the same set of questions and answers.  The answers to the basic questions of who we are, where we came from and where we’re going.  This is the unknown.  The James Webb is an instrument of science.  We are a website devoted to the science of the unknown, and thus consider this a matter of import to all of our readers.  Perhaps the James Webb Space Telescope is the finest Fortean instrument ever conceived….yet.

The Many Names of Bigfoot

Over millennia, the creature unfortunately dubbed Bigfoot has been encountered across the globe, indicating a wider and more interesting phenomenon than the silly name asserts.

It might be the most important aspect of the Bigfoot phenomenon. If there’s one thing we’d like to make clear: The name “Bigfoot” did not appear until 1958. It was referred to as Sasquatch and other names by natives of North America prior to the American colonies. So, the name “Bigfoot” was the name applied to this cryptid in relation to the finding of one set of tracks.

Thus, a sighting of this cryptid in North America prior to the finding of this set of tracks (and the new branding of Bigfoot) would have previously been referred to as a Sasquatch…or a giant hairy creature.

Below is an article from a May of 1851 issue of “The Arkansas Gazette” which demonstrates how the Sasquatch phenomenon preceded the name of Bigfoot (even in the American papers) by at least 100 years.

Arkansas bigfoot wild hairy man of the wood sighting in 1851 found in the arkansas gazette discuss sasquatch and yet
1851 Arkansas Gazette

From the article: “A Wild Man of the Woods -The Memphis Enquirer gives an account of a wild man recently discovered in Arkansas. It appears that during March last Mr Hamilton of Greene County Ark, while hunting with an acquaintance, observed a drove of cattle in a state of apparent alarm, evidently pursed by some dreaded enemy. Halting for the purpose, they soon discovered as the animals fled by them, they were followed by an animal bearing the unmistakable likeness of humanity. He was of gigantic stature, the body being covered with hair, and on the neck was long locks that fairly enveloped his neck and shoulders. The “wild man” after looking at them deliberately for a short time turned and ran away with great speed, leaping from 12 to 14 feet at a time. His footprints measured thirteen inches each.”

The article explains how the phenomenon (and it correctly refers to this as a phenomenon) extends beyond Arkansas and an expedition was being mounted to find the beast in Memphis. This was not the first Sasquatch hunt, and it certainly was not the last.

Yet, the current public characterization of this phenomenon in the American public is “Bigfoot.” This name and its associations lends itself to a cartoonish view of this phenomenon. A cartoonish view which extends itself throughout the media coverage of these events.

The “Bigfoot” name was granted by a newspaper. A crew member by the name of Jerry Crew found giant footprints in 1958. Another local claimed to have also found tracks and the “Humboldt Times” ran a story wondering if the area was inhabited by a cousin of the Abominable Snowman: “Bigfoot.” Decades later a prankster claimed he faked the footprints, but the name stuck.

humboldt county gazette bigfoot sighting first time sasquatch called bigfoot in 1958
Humboldt Times – 1958 Bigfoot Article

These two incidents are important to highlight. The 1851 incident is one of the earliest accounts of a Sasquatch in American newspapers. The 1958 account was the moment the same phenomenon which occurred in 1851 (and before) was renamed Bigfoot.

Would Bigfoot still seem as absurd if it was never named Bigfoot? If we lived with the idea colonists and frontier era Americans encountered the same creature Native Americans told them they would….and they did…Would we still find the idea of Bigfoot the subject of absurdity?

Perhaps, but not to the same degree. Names have power and the name of Bigfoot made the creature into a piece of Americana. It became a part of the culture. It also became a business. Bigfoot license plates, TV shows and Movies followed. This all serves to obscure and contaminate the phenomenon of the Sasquatch similar to the way the “Mothman” has obscured a winged humanoid phenomenon which itself stretches back millennia.

The name Sasquatch was often used by Native Americans. Yet, Australians encounter the same phenomenon and refer to it as a Yowie. To be clear: On the continent of Australia, the aboriginal people encountered a creature matching the same description as Sasquatch. According to legend, the Yowie comes in two types. One can grow to 10 feet tall and the other to 5 feet tall. We don’t have record of these two societies having contact. So, this is odd.

Let’s pop over to China. In China, they encounter the same phenomenon and refer to it as a Yeren. Here we find references of encounters with a Sasquatch-like creature dating back to 300 BCE. Long before the Humboldt County Gazette named Sasquatch Bigfoot. Oddly enough, the Yeren is often reported as shorter in stature than the Sasquatch. Leading some researchers to wonder if the shorter stature of the Chinese people has anything to do with the size of the creature.

We can go to the Himalayas, of course, where we find the same creature referred to as a Yeti. Westerners renamed this creature “The Abominable Snowman.” We seem to have a penchant for the absurd. Yet, it’s the same phenomenon as Sasquatch, Yowie and Yeren. Hunts for the Abominable Snowman have a long tradition.

National Geographic – Evidence of the Yeti

Speaking of hunts… If it’s a creature and not a phenomenon. We would expect one of these many hunts to produce material evidence. We still find animals which we thought we were extinct. We still find animals we never knew existed, but not a mammal of that size and located near populated areas. It just doesn’t make sense to the Fortean Winds team.

Analysis: Here I can speak for all us, because we’ve discussed. We’ve demonstrated the history of Sasquatch encounters. We’ve demonstrated the global nature of the phenomenon. So, is Bigfoot real?

Our opinion is Sasquatch is a creature which exists for a finite period of time in our reality. There are a mass of Sasquatch sightings by every kind of reputable witness we can imagine. We found police officer, park ranger, scientists and preachers who’ve seen Bigfoot. Our conclusion, is they weren’t all lying and they weren’t all misidentifications.

We must deal with the uncomfortable third truth of the paranormal. This is often the case in Fortean research. We are used to dealing with two truths as a society. Is Bigfoot a real creature we can see in a zoo and find its remains when it dies, or is it a long held mass delusion? These are the two truths into which the public would like this phenomeon to fit. It does not.

We have reliable witness encounters, some material evidence in the form of footprints (easily faked), some videos and photos (also difficult to prove) and a large mass of pop culture trash. It’s the witness encounters which are most difficult to explain. They are the hardest evidence in this case. So, you either believe the witnesses or you don’t.

We don’t believe all of the witnesses. Yet if we can found four or five reliable accounts which stretch across the globe (we did), it sort of answers the question doesn’t it? Sasquatch is more than a myth. It’s a phenomenon. A large hairy humanoid phenomenon. Which began before (at least) 300 BCE and continues into 2021 and 2022. It continues with no DNA evidence…

Despite massive effort, and this is important, there have been a lot of Sasquatch hunts on multiple continents. Helicopters, drones, thermal cameras etc…

The evidence of witness encounters is too strong to ignore, and the lack of DNA evidence is too conspicuous to deny. Which leads us to that uncomfortable third set of possibilities. Sasquatch are often seen around areas where UFOs are seen, such as Bradshaw Ranch. Cryptids have been seen and documented by US government scientists around Skinwalker Ranch which is a major paranormal and UFO hotspot.

This leads researchers to explore a possible interdimensional or extra-terrestrial connection. Given the lack of material evidence produced, this research is very interesting. In fact, alternative explanations for this phenomenon are of great and continuing interest to the Fortean Winds team.

To illustrate the widespread nature of this phenomenon, we’ve collected the names, locations and unique traits of 20 cryptids who bear a resemblance to the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. As you can see, Sasquatch sightings are not localized they are global. The names only change according to local customs, but the phenomenon remains the same. The experience described is often the same. Uncanny quiet, missing time etc are often part of these experiences leading us to believe at least some these encounters belong to a wider set of paranormal instances. However, some encounters make Sasquatch sound very much like an undiscovered animal. Yet, what large mammal (which exists globally) has been discovered in modern times. No less a large animal which is periodically sighted by humans.

NameLocationUnique TraitsHeight
Sasquatch, BigfootNorth AmericaMultiple colors of fur or hair – black, brown, white6 to 9 Feet
Skunk ApeFlorida, Georgia, ALApe-like, Multiple colors of fur or hair- dark or reddish5 to 7 Feet
SkookumNorthwest USA, OregonApe-like, vicious, can change shape7 Feet
Mapinguary, MaricoxiBrazilMost say it resembles an ape but others say a sloth8 to 10 Feet
Yeti, The Abominable SnowmanNepal, TibetShape reported very similar to Sasquatch
– also referred to as “The Mountain Man”
6 to 9 Feet
WoodwoseEngland, Wales (UK)Described as a giant ape-like creature
YerenChinaBlack, red hair, ape-man5 to 6.5 Feet
Boggy Creek MonsterArkansas, South USAAlso referred to as the Southern Sasquatch7 Feet
Chuchunaa, ChuchunyaRussiaCalled Siberian Sasquatch, can wear animal skins6 to 7 Feet
BarmanuAfghanistan, PakistanApe-man, can wear animal skins6 Feet
Almas, AlmastyCentral Asia, MongoliaBrown reddish hair, closer to “Hairy Wild Man” description5 to 6.5 Feet
BatututVietnamBlack, brown or grey hair5 to 7 Feet
OtangAfricaSasquatch-like, hairy hominid7 Feet
Yowie, YahooAustraliaLighter or reddish, sasquatch-like5 to 9 Feet
Big Muddy Monster, Murphysboro Mud MonsterIllinois, USALighter in color, possibly white8 Feet
Fouke Monster, Boggy Creek MonsterArkansas, South USASasquatch-like, hairy bipedapl creature7 to 10 Feet
Momo, Missouri MonsterMissouri, USADark in fur, described as purple7 Feet
Orange PendekIndonesiaMore primate like, ground dwelling ape3 to 5 Feet
Mono Grande, Big MonkeyAmazon BasinPrimate as yet unproven to exist5 Feet
Gruagach, Beast of BlessingtonIrelandDark in color, Sasquatch-like7 Feet Plus
Bigfoot and Sasquatch – Names of Similar Creatures – Fortean Winds

Their are certainly more names of Sasquatch- like creatures out there and the descriptions often vary. For this sample of 20, we stuck with creatures who had similar descriptions and had recorded sightings associated with it, so as to weed out some of the mythological beasts. The goal was to demonstrate the global nature of the phenomenon and suggest these widespread, similar experiences should be considered in the realm of the paranormal and parapsychology.

For Further Reading on the Many Names of Bigfoot: Lots of Sasquatch and large hairy cryptid information in “The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and Cryptid Primates” by Nick Redfern.

Alien Abductions & Pregnancies: Who Would Believe You?

There are a large number of people out there (men and women) who’ve experienced the abduction phenomenon. Thousands have reported their experience to researchers and more show up in polls. Their stories show remarkable similarities, which force new theories related to the paranormal and others entirely related to psychology. Fortunately, a good deal of research already exists. Is any other aspect of the phenomenon more divisive than “alien” abductions?

Abductions force people within the UFO research community to pick sides and grab pitchforks. And the public? The public thinks it’s crazy. So, where does that leave the experiencer to turn? The government doesn’t have a hotline to deal with Alien Abductions. The experiencer must turn to a psychiatrist. If what the person experienced was not a part of their personal psychiatric history, it may or may not lead the psychiatrist to seek alternative theories.

If an experiencer or therapist were to look to the public for information, and be believed, they’d likely seek out the most well known authorities on UFO and “alien” activity. This would be MUFON, which is the Mutual UFO Network, active since 1969. So, if one were looking for reports of alien abductions over the last 50 years, they’d probably check with MUFON for leads.

This is what the US government did when compiling their report on the effects of UAP on people aka Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human Biological Tissues. They used what is known as the “Schuessler Index.” This is a list of effects compiled by John Schuessler who is an aerorospace consultant on the board of MUFON. He literally wrote the book on the subject of UFO effects on humans and created a catalog of events from the accounts.

Betty and Barney Hill famously reported their abduction in 1961 – Fair Use

The government took Schuessler’s work seriously. We do too. We think you should as well. Does that mean we think everything in the Schuessler Index happened exactly as stated? Doubtful. The Schuessler Index uses a variety of sources and mainstream publications for leads, and reporters weren’t covering this. So, for example, some of the initial sightings were reported in the National Enquirer.

This doesn’t mean there wasn’t follow up with these people from MUFON investigators, and MUFON takes investigations very seriously. Anyone who dismisses them as a bunch of UFO nuts who believe everything should take a look at what goes into a MUFON investigation. However, it does mean there aren’t a variety of investigators’ research to pull from. To be clear, a news story vetted and confirmed by multiple news outlets is logically more reliable.

That said, MUFON Investigators follow up as much the experiencer will allow. If possible, they’ll want to meet the person and know if they are credible and have a history of delusion etc…Even before the follow up questions about flying objects, time of day, point of view et al. For example, in the case of UFO pregnancies investigators want to know the following:

From the appendix of Sub Acute Study

MUFON researchers are looking for the truth of these events. They want to weed out false-positives. One look at their methodology should give one reason to believe their research is directionally correct. By this we mean the trends and patterns they identified are most likely correct, even if a minority of cases turned out to be false. Thus, when they identify UFO abductions and pregnancies as actual events. They most likely took place.

To start, let’s focus on people who were identified as physically missing or reported validated medical effects. This allows us to determine whether or not the phenomenon is real in a material sense. Obviously, abduction, pregnancy and childbirth are emotional subjects. In order to ensure we are dealing with valid cases, we can first ask the question of whether or not abductees have been physically missing.

The answer to that question is unfortunately: Yes. Perhaps the most famous UFO abduction case involves Travis Walton. He was physically missing for 5 days in 1975 and returned skinnier and disoriented. The FBI was looking for him, and couldn’t find him. His story hasn’t changed and he’s continued to remain humble and earnest in his dealings with the public. We believe the evidence in the case of Travis as well as Travis himself.

Clipping from a 1977 “Tuscon Sun” article

Furthermore, we can look to the work of Dr. Gerry Nolan to see the effects of UFOs on humans to understand what effects it may have on an abductee. He’s repeatedly cited the Cash-Landrum incident as one of the more proven UFO abduction events. Both women (Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum) suffered radiation sickness consistent with Dr. Nolan’s current findings. When Vickie Landrum contacted various government agencies to report her abduction. It was those agencies which referred her to John Schuessler. Once again, reinforcing our overall faith in the Schuessler Index.

How does this relate to abductions and UFO pregnancy. Well, there are a number of cases of abductions and pregnancy on the Schuessler Index. If the government’s faith is not enough, for further confirmation of the abduction phenomenon we look to the work of Doctors John Mack and David Jacobs. Dr. Mack was a psychiatrist in the Harvard School of Psychiatry who worked with over a hundred abductee cases. He discussed his personal journey from skepticism to belief in a PBS interview. Prior to moving forward with a patient, Dr. Mack describes a two-hour screening process. He was looking for cases of genuine experience.

Unfortunately, Dr. Mack has passed. While he didn’t form a firm conclusion about the phenomenon, Dr. Mack found too many similarities between abductees who had never met to be able to dismiss the phenomenon as mass delusion. He became a champion of people who were not believed and was branded a heretic for it. However, what he discovered is these people all shared a similar and genuine experience which affected their lives in profound ways. So, this is enough for us to accept that UFO abductions are real.

How about pregnancies? The leading researcher on this topic is Dr. David Jacobs, who is a retired Temple University Associate Professor of History. Dr. Jacobs has performed decades of work with hundreds of abductees, having learned interview techniques from famed UFO researcher Budd Hopkins. Who, himself, estimated 1 in 50 Americans have been abducted and don’t know it. Dr. Jacobs estimates as many as 2% of Americans. Either way, in totality, Jacobs’ work corroborates the work of Hopkins, Mack and Schuessler (and vice-versa).

Several of the researchers mentioned (Hopkins, Mack, Jacobs) used hypnotic regression in their interviews with abductees. This causes understandable controversy. Hypnosis is little understood and easily mistaken. Dr. Jacobs, for his part, understands these limitations. He refers to hypnosis in the interview below as “not totally fraudulent.” What he describes is more of a series of relaxation techniques followed by an interview.

Still, we have to acknowledge that the best abduction research relies on witness interviews. In some cases, Dr. Jacobs describes family members noting and corroborating the disappearance of abductees. This lends support. Yet, for obvious reasons, people who experience this don’t want to come forward and be branded insane or bothered. This is why polls become important, if not entirely reliable.

Most criticisms or prosaic explanations involve faulty memories and sleep paralysis. Yet, Jacobs points out some of the abductees are awake at the time of the event. Telling people they have a faulty memory without ever speaking to them or asking them what they saw is just plain stupid. The reality is each of these cases is its own case. No one gets to just dismiss all of it because they don’t like it.

Which leaves us with a collection of mostly anonymous (to the public) accounts retrieved under hypnosis. While we have no reason to believe Dr. Jacobs work is faulty. He summed up the challenges of his research best himself on the International Center for Abduction Research website.

.…I have conducted over 1,150 hypnotic regressions with abductees.  I have tried to be as objective and as “agenda free” as possible.  I have no New Age, spiritual, religious, transformational, or transcendent program to promote.  I try to stay as close to the evidence as I can.  However, there is no possibility that I have avoided error.  The majority of evidence for the alien abduction phenomenon is from human memory derived from hypnosis administered by amateurs.  It is difficult to imagine a weaker form of evidence.  But it is evidence and we have a great deal of it.  Still, readers must be skeptical of what I say and of what all others say in this tangled arena of alien abductions, hypnosis, popular culture, and memory. 

A well stated-summary of the grey (pun intended) world of alien abductions. It was a subject we were avoiding until it popped up all over the news in March of 2022 due to the emergence of, like The Dude says, “New Information Man…”

A FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request by The Sun yielded the “subacute” document which utilizes the Schuessler Index, they ran a story with the title: SPACE INVADERS UFO encounters left witnesses with radiation burns, brain problems & damaged nerves, claims Pentagon docs. This triggered a variety of outlets covering the same thing. Which lead us to the question are “Alien” abductions and UFO pregnancies real?

Still Image from the “Tic-Tac” UFO Encounter – AFP

By our own veracity system we have to say they are “Most Likely Real.” Enough physical effects (being actually missing, being actually pregnant despite celibacy, having actual radiation burns) have been reported and verified to determine these people experienced something very real. Was it what they saw or was it a projection caused by something else? We cannot say, but the experiencers say what they feel is as real as flesh and blood.

That’s real enough. The most important aspect of the phenomenon is not whether or not they’re extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional. The most important question is: How does this phenomenon affect us? We won’t get an answer to that question by ignoring it. Abductions have a profound effect on people’s lives, and is thus worthy of further funded study.

As all of these credible researchers pointed out before, there are too many similarities and physical effects among abductees. Even if the explanation turns out to be entirely terrestrial, the effects of the phenomenon are too real to ignore.

Further Analysis:

The data suggests this needs more study to understand. However, one can only wonder at the basic questions of who and why? The question of who is doing the abductions is the same question as who is flying the UFOs? The answer is we don’t know. Experiencers report varying descriptions of the entities who abduct them: humanoid, alien-greys, reptilians and insectoids. Yet their experience is generally similar, suggesting these forms are just costumes.

John Mack felt his work suggested UFO abductions could potentially lead to positive effects on the experiencer. Dr. Jacobs believes his work suggests an ongoing alien hybridization program. Dr. Nolan has studied the verified radiation illnesses caused by proximity to UFOs. Dr. Karla Turner notes both positive and negative effects on Abductees, but the same abductee can experience both.

The evidence of harm caused by abductions and proximity to UFOs far outweighs the evidence of benefit. The current logical conclusion is whatever “Alien Abductions” are: They’re Overall Bad for People.

We’d also point out researchers who participated in the Government study of Skinwalker Ranch reported something following them home. After a paranormal encounter on the ranch, a series of paranormal events spread from the Analysts who worked on the ranch to their families. From there, it spread to people with which they came in contact. It spread like a virus.

This is relevant in the discussion of abductions as Dr. Jacobs points to the fact the abduction phenomenon is intergenerational. If a mother was an abductee her children would be more likely to be abductees. Thus, it spreads through families. Fortean researcher John Keel found the same thing, and the list of paranormal researchers who’ve noted paranormal events follow families is long. This may point to a “viral” component to the phenomenon, and it certainly points to a genetic component.

Researcher and scientist Jaques Vallée consistently notes the sociological effects of the phenomenon and posits it acts as a control mechanism, which manipulates society in subtle ways. He’s suggested abductions are an extension of this mechanism. Yet, the abduction phenomenon could be both individual and societal. In fact, it is. If we agree people have been abducted and were affected physically, that is real. If we agree society has been influenced by the abduction phenomenon, that too is real.

The “Alien Agenda” need not fit into anyone’s theory in order to be studied. In order to be studied, the abduction phenomenon simply needs to be accepted.

Bradshaw Ranch: Skinwalker Sedona

Similar to Skinwalker Ranch, Bradshaw Ranch has been the source of UFO and Cryptid reports. We wondered if it had the same set of electromagnetic anomalies. So, we went out there and took a look…

Sedona, Arizona is known for its beautiful scenery and luxurious accommodations. It also houses a variety of new age and paranormal interests. Crystal shops run along highway 89a, filled with books on the occult and new age philosophy. Meditation is a common practice. UFO tours are coming and going all hours of the night, and of course, psychics have predicted the perfect place to plant their practice. Much of this embrace of the strange can be attributed to the fact: Sedona is purported to house an energy vortex. Or…eight of them.

A vortex according to the Sedona Visitors Pamphlet :

“Vortexes are enhanced energy sites that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind-body healing, and creative thinking. The Vortexes are NOT electric or magnetic. Those labels were meant symbolically.”

The pamphlet details the location of these alleged vortices as well as their purported effect on the visitor. “Upflow” areas are believed to help visitors achieve a higher outward perspective and see the bigger picture. “Inflow” areas are intended to help the visitor look inward, and achieve a greater understanding of the universe within.

Red Rocks – Sedona

Numerous attempts to measure the vortices have been made. Yet, this is likely why the pamphlet says right at the top “NOT electric or magnetic.” We found no evidence the vortices could be measured along the electromagnetic spectrum. Neither in the research nor in the field (tested with a basic emf detector). The reason at least one very familiar scientist believes the vortices exist is related to the effects on visitors’ psyche and health.

Measurable or not. We went to Sedona in March and found plenty of people eager to get to each vortex. Since Coronavirus hit in 2019, national park usage is surging. Sedona is seeing the same influx of visitors as places like the Grand Canyon. It is indeed beautiful to behold, but unfortunately our UFO tour was cancelled due to poor weather.

Interestingly enough, reading the reviews on the UFO tours lead one to believe they are likely to be seen on each tour. This may lead some to believe they are all hoaxes, and perhaps some are, but people ARE seeing UFO and UAP with gen 3 night vision. Sedona (and Arizona in general) is a UFO hotspot with many sightings being reported in the area. There is no real reason to believe sightings like the one in the video below from Texas are not possible in the area.

So, we’ve established Sedona has a propensity for the unknown. Vortexes, UFOs and lots of true believers in the area. Amidst this paranormal hotspot is a hotter paranormal hotspot: Bradshaw Ranch. It sits right on highway 89a and is now owned by the US government for the stated purpose of climate research. However, the previous owners of the Bradshaw Ranch reported the same frequent and unusual paranormal events as those reported on Skinwalker Ranch.

Linda Bradshaw owned the ranch for 50 years and wrote a book with a local UFO researcher named Tom Dongo called “Merging Dimensions.” Linda describes orbs regularly flying around the ranch, strange alien-grey like entities being spotted and repeated sightings of a Sasquatch like creature. The incidents did not occur the entire time the Bradshaw’s owned the ranch and began in the early 90’s. Some of the incidents were witnessed by more than one person along with pictures of UFOs. The most dramatic of these incidents occurred when the Bradshaw’s son experienced a missing-time/abduction event.

Years later, Mysterious Universe reports in 2013 a film crew came to cover some of the high strangeness for an episode of a Discovery Channel show called “Uncovering Aliens.” A member of the film crew wandered away and was surrounded by disembodied voices. He experienced missing time and his watch was malfunctioning. Though this moment didn’t make it into the episode of the show, we found it more compelling than the show itself.

By our own veracity system, events which have multiple witnesses over time and photographic evidence are considered “Likely True.” Yet, what we’re missing, like in so many paranormal cases, is something measurable. This might be because we don’t have the tools to measure what’s there or…there’s nothing there. It’s good to keep an open mind to both possibilities.

Linda said the paranormal events stalled in the late 1990’s. Her conclusion was that the ranch was home to some form of dimensional portal. It was the only thing that made sense given the disparate entities she had seen: alien-greys, dinosaurs, sasquatch and more.

The US Government bought the ranch from the Bradshaws for climate change research in 2003, and that program has distributed some of their data. We found the soil samples to be particularly interesting as they are quite normal for the area. Most importantly, we didn’t see anything in the soil itself which should be particularly magnetic. Skinwalker Ranch has confirmed cryptid, poltergeist phenomenon and UFO sightings, but also reported a number of anomalies along the electromagnetic spectrum.

All of the UFO tour itineraries we found online made the area around the ranch a stop on their tour…..A mystery we couldn’t resist.

The area around the ranch is available for hiking and rustic (bring your own water and dig a hole to potty) dispersed camping. We followed National Forest Road 525 off of Highway 89a to a stream bed within a mile of the ranch. Our plan was to hike for a little while along the stream bed along the edge of the ranch.

lat and long is on the image. Google maps.

Given the history of the ranch, we were curious to see if we found any EMF anomalies (similar to those found at Skinwalker Ranch) and brought along a metal detector to scan the area around the ground should we find any. As mentioned, the area is being monitored for climate change research, but we tried to stay far enough away from the Ranch to avoid electronics. Thanks to the climate research numerous soil samples were available online. We saw nothing that should be especially electromagnetic.

And yet…we found some spikes. A bunch. Within a few hundred yards of the dirt path we started finding unusually high readings. They seemed to move. The highest readings were up to 60 mG but there were others in the smaller range. We used a metal detector to look for sources. We noted nothing around us or any cell towers nearby. We’ve used the same detector in a busy urban residential area and have not found any readings this high.

We reset the detector a number of times with repeated anomalous results and retested it that night in a residential area to see if it found anything. It found nothing. There could be electronics at the ranch as part of research or something else we missed which caused this. Yet, the question we began with was can we find EMF anomalies similar to those found at Skinwalker Ranch at Bradshaw Ranch?

Our conclusion is Yes, but needs further research/validation. We intend to go back to Bradshaw with some better equipment and find out more about the field we were detecting. The basic tack meter we had picked up electromagnetic radiation. Enough to the point, where we considered leaving. If the 60 mG signal increased or continued to follow us, we were prepared to make a judicious retreat.

Based on our research in our article UFOs and Brain Damage: Stranger Danger, you don’t want to get too close a UFO or anything considered paranormal.

UFO Captured on Night Vision – Today Show

We didn’t have Gen 3 Night Vision (happy to take anyone’s spare) so we filmed the area where we found the anomalies with a full spectrum (IR and UV) “phasm cam.” We went through the footage in slow-mo and found nothing. If anyone is interested let us know and we’ll post it to youtube. So, with better equipment we can find more about the field we were detecting and what, if anything, it would take to see it.

We thought the IR/UV was worth a shot. If people can see UFOs with Gen 3 Night Vision, maybe something that close would be visible with a basic ghost cam. Researchers say they can see ghosts with ghost cams. The Bradshaws reported poltergeist activity. You can see the logic… Once we find out more about the signal we caught, we’ll know where it sits on the electromagnetic spectrum.

If it’s something we want to want to see, knowing more about the signal will tell us where to look. We’re making the assumption, based on the fact UFOs are seen (even in government footage) on Gen 3 Night Vision, they are visible somewhere between 700nm-1000nm just outside the visible spectrum. Most Gen 3 Night Vision owners seem to report their night vision works best around 850nm. The UV of the ghost cam also covers the higher part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Visible Light on the Spectrum. Image credit NASA

Yet, this is also making the assumption they’re always visible on that part of the spectrum. Since they’re not always on the visible on the visible spectrum. Why do we think they would always be visible on the slightly less visible spectrum? We don’t know, and we won’t know, unless we look. There’s no reason the public can’t investigate what academia won’t. Anyone can go back there with a more advanced EMF detector and poke around. Let us know what you find, and we’ll add it to the file.

The fact the US Government bought this ranch which has the same characteristics as Skinwalker Ranch is odd. Online rumors the government is covering up some sort of portal are plentiful. That said, we looked at the soil research and they’re doing climate research there. If the government is conducting any other research there, we saw no evidence.

So, our big question is…has anyone asked the government climate researchers if they saw something strange? Seems like there was a consistent state of weird at the ranch. If it’s now flooded with trained observers, have any of them seen an orb? Good question for a follow up. We’ll keep the Bradshaw Ranch case file open.

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