The Return of The Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis

How can something return if it never really went away?  UFOs have always had a very real possibility of being extra-terrestrial.  Why is it suddenly being talked about in November of 2021?  Perhaps it’s because Nasa Administrator Bill Nelson mentioned in a press conference that he’d spoken to the pilots involved in UFO encounters and believed them when they said the objects appeared to teleport or slip through time and space.

Nelson “hopes” these objects are not a foreign adversary with highly advanced technology. Yet, at this point we would like to remind you the Nimitz encounter (birth of the tic-tac video) took place in 2004. You would have to believe a foreign adversary had wormhole technology in 2004. Then you would have to believe the same foreign adversary had the technology in World War 2 when pilots referred to them as Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighter UFO 1944 – Fortean Picture Library

So, no. It’s not foreign tech. I think we at Fortean Winds are prepared to go on record as saying this is not foreign adversary technology. It’s not human (as we know it) technology. It phases through states of matter. It goes from a solid to a ? state of matter. We know this because it goes through the water at the same speed as the air and/or enters the water without disruption.

Therefore, this “technology” existed more than 70 years ago. When did it get here? We will leave you with only two possibilities to consider and in a rare moment of clarity in the research of the unexplained, we can guarantee you it is one of these two answers. Answer 1) It came here before humans. Answer 2) It came here after humans.

Why is this the central question? Because Answer 1 means they are tied to (or have been interacting us) since we became self-aware, and Answer 2 means they started interacting with us sometime after we became self-aware. If they were here before us, they are likely to be tied to our origins. We even have to ask ourselves if WE are really from here?

If they began interacting with us sometime after, the options start to open up more. Some researchers theorize these objects were drawn to us by the explosion of atomic weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This theory was interesting to us at first, as exploding atomic weapons light up the electromagnetic spectrum like a Christmas tree.

However, the theory (these objects were extra-terrestrials) were drawn to us by the explosion of our first atom, fell apart when credible evidence such as the picture above with Foo Fighters in 1944 (1 year before Atomic Weapons dropped on Japan) surfaced. This does not mean the objects are not extra-terrestrial. It means we have to accept they did not just get here.

If they did not just get here (and they are extra-terrestrial) why no contact? The prominent theory is they’re waiting for us to evolve to a point where communication would be more acceptable. They’ve been waiting for our tiny little minds to be able to accept their existence. Another possible explanation for their lack of communication is zoo theory. Which we explain in the image below.

Good News Everybody! love Fw

These theories hold water as we’re all still here. If they wanted to wipe us out, we’d very likely be gone. Unless something up there is bigger and badder than the other Chewbaccas, and it says “hands off the little guys.”

Which is the other possibility. It might even be a federation of friendly Chewbaccas according to Haim Eshad. The former Israeli Space Chief, was taken out of context when he suggested a galactic federation of ETs were in contact with the US.

His colleagues walked back his statement you can find in the link above. However, Eshad is a serious scientist and respected leader during the last 30 years of space exploration. When he suggested we might have a federation of ETs floating over us, it’s not a crazy idea. A plausible ET theory has to explain why we have had, suspiciously, no contact with ET life and why we’re all still here. Eshad’s theory does that.

To further throw fuel on the re-emergence of discussion of the ET theory in November of 2021, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines followed Bill Nelson’s remarks by discussing how UAP analysis is conducted and the challenge with identifying this as extra-terrestrial. Which we at Fw would summarize by simply asking: how would we know what ET looks like?

We take you to the moment Avril Haines is discussing UAP in this clip

So, we’ve established there has never been a reason to discount the extra-terrestrial hypothesis. Yet, again we must point out the point of origin of these objects seems less a priority, than the nature of their interactions with humanity.

How have they impacted our lives, and how could they in the future? As we point out in our UFO analysis: whether their point of origin is Planet 9, 3049 AD or Dimension X. Their capabilities are far beyond ours and they have an interest in us. Determining what their interest in us is, must be our greatest priority.

Why would a NASA administrator need to reinforce these objects might be Extra-Terrestrial? This is most likely due to the publicity surrounding the recent disclosures involving Skinwalker Ranch.

The phenomenon observed at this location (and others) involve a variety of experiences normally described as paranormal. Such as: poltergeists, cryptids, portals and UFOs. We recap this in our article: Skinwalker Ranch: Tricksters & Flying Saucers.

Such phenomenon describe something our science fiction has normally associated with dimensional entities. Yet, our science fiction is just smart people guessing.

Conclusion: Extra-Terrestrials could have all of the capabilities and attributes we would associate with “extra-dimensional” beings in popular fiction. That is a very real (even likely) possibility.

It has to be fairly obvious…even the FBI caught on in November of 2021..

Author: RamX

A technologist and data professional who found out UFOs were real in 2019. It took some convincing. I had to look really hard to prove it, but I am quite sure they're real now. So, I can only ask: What else is out there?

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