UFOs: A Fortean Winds Overview

With the United States Government admitting the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (again) in 2019 and (again) in 2020. We discuss the evidence and why it’s important.

Actually 2019 wasn’t the first time the United States Government admitted the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. We would highly recommend watching the National Archive footage below where Major General John A. Samford admits the existence of unexplained flying objects (or more specifically flying saucers.) At that point in time, the United States Military didn’t think they were a threat. Or, at least, that is what General Samford told the public. Reminder: These are your tax dollars at work. This was in 1952.

Now that we’ve established the United States Government admitted this before, we should examine the timeline and draw some inferences. We are left to draw one of two conclusions. Either UFOs disappeared between 1952 and 2019, or they have been here the entire time. We can also draw one of two conclusions: either UFOs appeared shortly before Major General Samford’s press conference, or they were here long before it. As ridiculous as these questions may be, at the time of this writing, these are the debates raging in public.

Jimmy Carter was a UFO witness. As was Ronald Regan. And Gerald Ford called for an investigation in 1966.

So, it is clear the United States Government did not come to the UFO conclusion in 2019. However, they did release a whopping 9 page report in 2020 which seemed to disappoint many people, but we found a few of the admissions to be truly historic and discuss it in our post on the 2020 Pentagon UFO Report.

Link to Fortean Winds Post Regarding the Preliminary Unidentified Phenomena.

For many the United States Government admitting UFOs were real (again) was eye-opening, and it truly has brought on a massive wave of new and exciting research projects. We’re most excited for the data that comes out of Project Galileo which has promised to make its data public. That project is being lead by the current chair of astrophysics at Harvard, Avi Loeb. So, we feel it’s in good hands. Also, if you don’t trust the US Government, we can look at all of the other governments who’ve admitted the existence of UFO/UAP. The UK has done so, and how about Chile?

Government statements and videos were enough for many people to accept that Unexplained Flying Objects exist. Prominent skeptics claim these craft are secret government technology. Yet, if we accept the flight characteristics of the object in the most publicized of the US Governments encounters aka The Nimitz Encounter. The numerous scientific advancements required to create the movements evidenced by the “tic-tac” craft make this extremely unlikely to be human technology. Other US Government videos have shown objects moving through the water and air interchangeably. Which is trans-medium travel. Which simply leaves unexplained.

We’ve taken this time in the overview to demonstrate from the Fortean Winds perspective: UFOs exist and conversations about whether they do or don’t are complete wastes of time. So, we won’t spend too much time on trying to debate this simple fact. There are unexplained flying objects in the earth’s atmosphere.

As to where they come from, from our POV, no one knows. Prominent theories are of course extra-terrestrial, followed by inter-dimensional, and then we get more niche such as aquatic or marine, time travelers, mole people et al. The unexplained is ripe for theory, so we enjoy reading all of these, but it’s important to remember the point of origin of the objects is currently unknown. We’ll be digging more into this and the veracity of individual claims in our case files. After all, now that the government admitted UFOs are real (repeatedly), it might be worth going back through UFO history with a fresh set of eyes and a more open mind.