Strange Science Case Files

Science doesn’t always need our help to find something anomalous. We look at some of the oddest experiments and most bizzare natural occurrences in history. Our natural world is filled with wonders and science is constantly in the process of discovery. Join us as we take a closer look.

Crop Circles

The debate over Crop Circles has been raging for over 100 years. Although the majority of these are man-made. Some have so far been unexplained.

Google’s Time Crystal

Now why can’t they fix my printer? You may have been seeing this in the news. I imagine everyone’s first thought is TIME TRAVEL and the media seems to be aware of this. So we at Fortean Winds must be the bearer of bad tidings: Google did not invent time travel. However,…

Remote Viewing: Yes it’s Real

That’s what you were thinking. Well do you at Fortean Winds think it’s real? For sure, friend. For sure. I’ll prove it to you. Let’s start by just calling it intuition. Do you believe you have intuition?…