Strange Science: A Fortean Winds Overview

Does science really need our help to be strange? We think not. In fact, we don’t think there’s a difference between researching the unexplained and science. It is science. It’s science’s job to tell us about UFO’s, Ghosts, Time Travel, Psychics and Bigfoot. The CIA and FBI have looked into all of these things. So, why doesn’t Yale? Science doesn’t like to bother. And when it wants to bother, it can’t seem to get the money.

From our POV, much of this is due to the stigma involved. For example, the Space Force didn’t want to do UFO research because it was afraid of how it would look. The stigma is palpable, and partially due to academic confirmation bias. Science works on theory until theories are confirmed. Then they become accepted. Scientists like to confirm their theories. How many years has the scientific community been discussing the Fermi Paradox? We doubt scientists who wrote their thesis on why humans are the only life in the universe are hoping UFOs turn out to be extra-terrestrial.

Enrico Fermi Allegely asked “Where is Everybody”

The stigma involved affects the money train. If you’re working on F-35s you can get a 6 billion dollar contract. If you’re trying to find Mothman you’re going to have to hit up the History Channel. We doubt this is due to a lack of scientific curiosity. Many famous scientists have shown an interest in the unexplained. Some of our favorites are Jaques Vallee, Avi Loeb and Stanton Friedman. All three men have stellar scientific credentials and demonstrated an open mind. In our experience, most scientists are interested in the unknown. It’s kind of their thing. Many of them are afraid of the stigma, but will experiment in their spare time or find ways to explore.

And who could blame scientists for wanting to play with the biggest, best and most expensive toys. We’re just mad because we don’t get that kind of money for our UFO experiments. We’ll admit. We love science. All of it. Paranormal, sub-normal and plain old normal. We can’t wait to cover some of the stranger experiments, discoveries and theories we find. Because we’ll be focusing on the past in our Ancient Mysteries section, we’ll focus our posts in this section on those experiments which we think will change the future. Discoveries in AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality and everyone’s new favorite….the quantum realm…

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