Cryptids: A Fortean Winds Overview

What exactly is a cryptid anyway? Cryptids are creatures which are studied by cryptozoologists. Cryptozoologists study creatures of legend and usually attempt to prove their existence. However, many cryptozoologists simply enjoy the history and folklore of the field. One doesn’t even have to believe the existence of Bigfoot (the most famous cryptid) has been proven in order to watch a good Bigfoot documentary.

It’s fascinating to watch the approaches to hunting cryptids evolve as technology improves. These intrepid explorers in the video below used thermal drones in the hunt for Bigfoot and are pretty excited about their find. Submarines have searched for the Loch Ness Monster and we’re sure a submersible drone expedition can’t be far behind. Claims of underwater Nessie drone shots are already surfacing and we’ll no doubt be reporting and analyzing them.

Cryptozoologists don’t always turn up empty-handed, and cryptids are a great example of anomalous researchers turning up proof of something science has considered a legend. The giant squid is the most well known cryptid that turned out to be 100% real. Considering the fact we understand the surface of the moon better than we understand the bottom of our ocean, and life is not uncommon in the ocean, the deep will inevitably yield plenty of surprises.

The hunt for cryptids does veer toward high strangeness at times. The Mothman Case of Point Pleasant West Virginia, heavily studied by legendary Fortean researcher John Keel and memorialized in his book “The Mothman Prophecies,” took many strange turns. The study of Cryptids overlaps into the study of Poltergeists and UFOs. We feel this claim can be made credibly and all three exist in some form or fashion. This is why the United States government spent millions of our tax dollars studying Skinwalker Ranch. While skeptics say this budget was spent on black budget projects that had nothing to do with these activities, we find that explanation to be ridiculous. The Pentagon spends trillions of dollars without oversight and doesn’t need to hide its money in cryptids.


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