The James Webb Space Telescope and WASP-96b

  By now you’ve heard of the James Webb telescope and if you haven’t, you’re probably afraid to ask.  So we’ll run you through a quick primer on what the James Webb telescope is and why it’s such a big deal (just in case).  Once you understand all of that, you’ll know why WASP-96b is important to the James Webb and why some knowledge of it may be important to you. 

The James Webb Space Telescope

     The James Webb Space Telescope, as it is officially known, is an infrared space telescope.  An infrared telescope is what it sounds like.  It detects infrared wavelengths on the infrared (higher than visible) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Which not only allows the James Webb Telescope to see very far, but it can see things our eyes cannot.  This is important to its mission because the goal is to take a look at the beginning of time itself.  That’s not really an exaggeration.  

Carina Nebula Webb Telescope – NASA

Why is the James Webb Space Telescope a Big Deal

      The James Webb Space Telescope is a big deal because it gives us both the ability to see the farthest away from our planet and the farthest back in time of any device to date.  It’s a bit of a window through time.  Light moves at the speed of….well light, but that speed is finite.  It’s roughly 300,000,000 meters per second.  So, it’s been moving that fast since the beginning of time.  For example the dinosaurs were around 60 million years ago, and the Virgo Cluster is around 60 million light years away.  If you were standing on a planet in the Virgo Cluster looking at earth with a really big telescope, you’d see dinosaurs.  The light on the earth, including the image of the dinosaurs, would be just reaching the Virgo Cluster now.  So, with the James Webb we’re able to see light that existed all the way up to 13.7 billion years ago.  The universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old (that may change based on the Webb results).  Therefore, the James Webb telescope should be able to show us what the universe looked like all the way down to 100 million years before the big bang.  That’s a big deal.

Stefan’s Quintet – Webb Telescope NASA

The History and Deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope

Discussions of a follow-up to the Hubble Space telescope (the Webb can detect objects up to 100 times more faint than the Hubble) began in the 1980s.  However, the serious planning didn’t start until the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The project took shape over the years and in 2002, NASA renamed the project after their second administrator James E Webb who was instrumental in the Apollo mission.  The project was infamously delayed, billions of dollars over budget and a few years later than expected. Yet, at a final cost of 10 billion dollars…we can see pretty close to when this whole universal rat race started.  The James Webb finally launched on December 25,2021, and it’s now sitting almost a million miles away from earth taking pictures.

WASP-96b is an Exoplanet 

WASP-96b is an exoplanet 1150 light years from earth.  An exoplanet is a planet which orbits a star outside of our own solar system.  WASP-96b is composed mainly of gas.  This gas giant, which is around half the size of Jupiter, was confirmed to have water recently by the James Webb Telescope.  Why were they looking at WASP-96b…because they thought it didn’t have water aka clouds.  The absence of water and clouds would have given the James Webb an extremely clear view of the distant planet.  However, the fact it was able to detect water is a miracle of modern science.  As you can see from the wavelength of light analysis below, the Webb was able to detect water more than a thousand light years away. Quite an opening act for an over-budget, long-delayed space project.

WASP-96b Analysis – Webb Telescope NASA


There is nothing particularly Fortean or anomalous about the James Webb telescope.  Yet, it drives us toward the same set of questions and answers.  The answers to the basic questions of who we are, where we came from and where we’re going.  This is the unknown.  The James Webb is an instrument of science.  We are a website devoted to the science of the unknown, and thus consider this a matter of import to all of our readers.  Perhaps the James Webb Space Telescope is the finest Fortean instrument ever conceived….yet.

What is a Fortean?

There are varying definitions, but a Fortean follows the anomalous researcher and writer tradition of Charles Fort. Charles Fort (1874- 1932) wrote numerous articles and books involving unexplained scientific and paranormal events. He is regarded by many to be the god-father of UFOlogy, the discoverer of ball lightning and the inventor of the term “teleportation.” Could any anomalous researcher match this curriculum vitae? We think not, but we endeavor to persevere.

As do many, in their own unique ways. Some Forteans focus on one aspect of the phenomenon. Faerie religions and the Fay are a favorite topic of many. You can find articles on faeries and ultrahumans in copies of the Fortean Times. Other Forteans form societies, groups or organizations. There are a number of them, and they all perform research in their own way. However, it’s worth noting that Fort himself chose to turn away from the first Fortean Society to bear his name. So, one doesn’t need to join any group or receive anyone’s blessing to become a Fortean.

From the Fortean Winds POV: In order to become a Fortean one needs only curiosity and an open mind. Fort rejected scientific dogma. He often used humor to make his point. This doesn’t mean he rejected science. He didn’t allow theory to overcome data. UFOs or UAP are the perfect example. Fort followed the subject closely. He was an early proponent of the extra-terrestrial hypothesis. In 2019, the Government admitted (again) that UFOs were real and NASA administrator Bill Nelson considers the extra-terrestrial hypotheses plausible.

Charles Fort – 1920 – Public Domain

Some of Fort’s hypotheses were tongue-in-cheek. He knew they were ridiculous, and put them out as a way of “trolling” science. This has value. He would not allow science to reject a world filled with anomalies and the unexplained. However, today people often confuse humor with fact, and when it comes to the subject of the unexplained this has created a distortion.

I believe nothing. I have shut myself away from the rocks and wisdoms of ages, and from the so-called great teachers of all time, and perhaps because of that isolation I am given to bizarre hospitalities. I shut the front door upon Christ and Einstein, and at the back door hold out a welcoming hand to little frogs and periwinkles. I believe nothing of my own that I have ever written. I cannot accept that the products of minds are subject-matter for beliefs. But I accept, with reservations that give me freedom to ridicule the statement at any other time, that showers of an edible substance that has not been traced to an origin upon this earth, have fallen from the sky, in Asia Minor.

Charles Fort (Lo! )1931

To illustrate this we would point to the second most famous Fortean of all time: John A. Keel. He wrote “The Mothman Prophecies” and a number of other books regarding anomalous subjects. While Fort did much of his research in the library, Keel was prone to adventure. He visited Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960’s and became a part of the infamous UFO and cryptid flap during that era. He visited Egypt to look for ancient anomalies and saw a UFO. Like Fort, Keel was a bit of a loner. Many of his investigations were done by himself, and he chose not to join any particular group.

Fortean Winds is a collective made up of private and anonymous researchers. We have no organization and rarely agree on anything. This is healthy in our opinion. So, if you’re that type of person who needs a place to publish your research…please reach out. The only commonality we have is our data driven approach to the phenomenon. We do what we can to separate our theory from data. Because theory is always changing…

John A. Keel author of “The Mothman Prophecies” Vanity Fair.

Due to his experiences in Point Pleasant, Keel adopted a different view of UFOs and the paranormal in general stating: “I abandoned the extraterrestrial hypothesis in 1967, when my own field investigations disclosed an astonishing overlap between psychic phenomena and UFOs,” Keel wrote. “The objects and apparitions do not necessarily originate on another planet and may not even exist as permanent constructions of matter. It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs.”

Keel’s work bears a striking similarity to the current events and theories surrounding Skinwalker Ranch.

Keel coined the term “ultraterrestrial.” It featured heavily in his book “The Eighth Tower” and was meant to give readers his evolved view of the phenomenon toward the end of his career. The term “ultraterrestrial” was a way of getting people to stop thinking about the entities behind UFOs as E.T.’s from science fiction, and more like interdimensional beings or what’s commonly associated with demons and evil spirits.

He felt this term was a failure as people began to name the ultraterrestrials and assign them personalities. It became its own form of research when it was merely meant as a literary device. They forgot John A. Keel’s first maxim: “Never Form a Belief.” Theorize, hypothesize, guess, joke….but never form a belief. We’re looking for anomalous phenomenon and trying to show people it exists. That’s it. As you can see by looking at Fort and Keel. The reason they are so well known is they found real anomalies. They didn’t know what they found.

There are many other Forteans continuing to fight the good fight by pointing out that mysteries still happen every day. Some of them focus on taking field reports and following up on sightings. This is valuable data, and no doubt the people who witnessed the events are pleased to find someone who believes them. We can’t imagine how alone that must make someone feel, to witness the unknown and be called mad. It’s awful.

We don’t typically add single witness accounts to our research because they’re too hard to validate, but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe people. This is our own brand of Fortean research and you can read more about our approach in our about section. However, those firsthand accounts are important and we read as many as we can. Groups like “The Singular Fortean Society” are publishing detailed reports of anomalous activity frequently. As we look for patterns in the data, we always need more data.

So, what is a Fortean? A Fortean is someone who researches the anomalous or unexplained. They are doing it in groups, they are doing it by themselves. They are doing it for no money, because there’s no money in it. Sure there are con-artists out there, selling all the answers for money. Yet, if they have all the answers, they’re not researching the unexplained because they have all the answers. We don’t have the answers. We have data, and we have theory. We’re just trying to understand it better. To us, that’s what a Fortean is. So, congratulations. You just became a Fortean.

UFOs and Brain Damage: Stranger Danger

We mentioned the danger of getting close to a UFO (or other objects associated with the term paranormal) in our article Skinwalker Ranch: Tricksters & Flying Saucers. They appear to emit a harmful radiation, and have already caused the hospitalization of two persons appearing on the History Channel Show: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

Thomas Winterton is a caretaker and cast member in the Skinwalker Ranch series. He developed symptoms similar to Havana Syndrome.

“Havana Syndrome” is a set of symptoms often reported by US diplomats and other officials. The cause of the set of symptoms is unknown, and the symptoms range from nausea to internal organ and brain damage. Thomas Winterton is not a US diplomat or official as far as we know. So, his case is anomalous.

It’s possible many other people in the world are being affected by “Havana Syndrome.” Yet, only US diplomats and officials are being tested for it.

Yet, it’s also possible Thomas Winterton was targeted by a malicious state actor simply because he is working on a location the US government sees as sensitive.

Dr. Garry Nolan is a Stanford Professor of Pathology and an expert on…many things and seems to think Winterton’s case was caused by a malicious state actor (we’re speculating it’s Winterton he referenced). As Vice News reports; Dr. Nolan is studying both materials which may have come from UFO or UAP and people affected by coming into contact with these phenomenon.

He is especially well suited to the task of analyzing people who’ve come into contact with UAP as he is the founder of 8 biotech companies and listed among Stanford’s Top 25 inventors. It’s fortunate he chose to spend the last ten years looking into cases of people who’ve been affected by their proximity to UFOs, as they don’t have anywhere else to turn.

Most people won’t even believe they came into contact with something anomalous, much less their health has been negatively impacted. Yet, Dr. Nolan describes some of their injuries to Vice as if they had stood too close to an electrical transformer.

So close it fried your insides while leaving your outside looking relatively unharmed.

UFO McMinniville Oregon May 1950

Dr. Nolan states a quarter of the patients died from their injuries. The patients who died had symptoms similar to those of people affected by “Havana Syndrome.” Yet, Havana Syndrome is assumed to be caused by a malicious state actor with an energy weapon. Not flying saucers.

Thus, we find a disconnect. Why would some cases of UFO/UAP look like Havana Syndrome and others not? Three possibliities:

  1. A malicious state actor is utilizing technology similar to energy emitted by UAP in order to harm US individuals.
  2. All of these individuals are being affected by UAP(unknown origins and pilots).
  3. A state actor is using a maser (microwave emitting laser) or similar device on some individuals and others are being effected by UAP.

Of these three possibilities: the second is (perhaps) most concerning as the motive and culprit would remain completely mysterious. Although, the third possibility seems most likely, based on the evidence.

Update: 4/26/22 Dr. Nolan appeared on the “Theory of Everything” podcast and clarified his statement. He estimated 15% of the cases he and others encountered appeared to have unique effects likely related to UAP. The other 85% of cases could have been caused by malicious individuals.

Those other 85% of cases were caused by an abundance of electromagnetic energy we as humans can produce (such as x-rays, gamma rays, microwaves). That does not mean they were NOT caused by UAP. It means we cannot rule out human intervention prima facie. Given the proximity of victims such as Thomas Winterton to the phenomenon, it seems likely to us his injury was caused by the phenomenon. That’s not a stretch…..It just happened to be waves we can produce which caused it.

So, to be clear, from the Fortean Winds POV: All of the Havana Syndrome cases in which the target is not a potential victim of a state actor (not a diplomat, military, government), should be considered potential victims of UAP/Phenomenon proximity.

UFO 1947 Project Blue Book

Dr. Christopher Green has been the go-to guy for the US Government and UAP Brain damage for a long time, he told the Daily Mail ” he believed some of the injuries he has seen arose from patients being too close to ‘subtle, highly powered, highly modulated microwaves’ and suggested in his study that soldiers could have been accidentally hit with powerful radio or electromagnetic frequencies from the propulsion systems of these strange hovering and rapidly moving aircraft.”

Dr. Green was the author of the paper Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues, which was authorized as a part of a 22 million dollar Pentagon program into the study of UFOs. Dr. Green said he dealt with hundreds of patients who were injured or died after contact with UFO/UAP. In January of 2022 the US Intelligence community (with different levels of confidence) agreed Havana Syndrome was likely not being caused a foreign or state actor and had yet to determine a specific source. At what point do we connect the dots…

As to the materials Dr. Nolan has been analyzing he stated the following to Vice.

” Mostly, there’s nothing unusual about them except that everywhere you look in the metal, the composition is different, which is odd. It’s what we call inhomogeneous.  That’s a fancy way of saying ‘incompletely mixed.’  The common thing about all the materials that I’ve looked at so far, and there’s about a dozen, is that almost none of them are uniform. They’re all these hodgepodge mixtures. Each individual case will be composed of a similar set of elements, but they will be inhomogeneous. “

From the Fortean Winds POV, this looks like something is putting things together on the fly. The inhomogeneous metal might indicate something which transitions from a state of energy to a solid state of matter, and is sometimes sloppy while doing it. Other samples Dr. Nolan examined showed truly anomalous materials. Elements put together in ways human science -as we know it- cannot.

Again we see an odd mix of abilities that appear to be far beyond us, but also possibly disorganized and haphazard. This should go without saying, but flying saucers and paranormal phenomenon should be avoided until we know more about them.

It’s an energy we don’t yet understand. You wouldn’t poke your finger into an electrical transformer right? Same amount of (most likely much more) energy in those weird little flying objects….

Skinwalker Ranch: Tricksters & Flying Saucers

Follow up to our first post regarding Skinwalker Ranch. There’s a lot to unpack here. First, let’s review the most credible evidence we have from Skinwalker Ranch.

  • UFOs have been spotted on the Ranch and Videotaped at least twice in public footage.
  • Numerous electromagnetic anomalies were recorded. (by Bigelow, USG and History Channel Show)
  • Numerous cattle mutilations have been confirmed.
  • Millions of dollars spent prior to government involvement by billionaire Bob Bigelow.
  • Whatever is found by Bigelow is enough to inspire the US Government to spend a good deal more on a 22 million dollar contract.
  • Eyewitness testimony, including multiple witnesses to the same event: poltergeists, cryptids, intelligent metal, portals all occur in this timeframe.
  • Brandon Fugal and team continue to study the ranch and make some of the findings public on the History Channel Show. They’ve mentioned on the show some form of continued relationship with the government exists. As in: continuing to share findings with the USG(United States Government).

Which is great, but we would assume this also means some information is still not being made public.

If one does not accept eyewitness testimony that’s fine. We see no reason not to accept all of the witness testimony which was backed by multiple observers, and particularly those with material evidence.

So, why did the government stop researching the program?

Bob Bigelow and the Government determined whatever was there didn’t want to be found. It kept breaking their equipment. Showing up where it couldn’t be seen and not appearing where it could. Better yet, breaking the equipment, then appearing afterward to get everyone excited. “We got em! Awww the GoPro is broken…”

You have to admit: That’s funny.

The intelligence(s) there seem to have a wicked sense of humor. Some times it gets out of hand and people get hurt. The medical effects from what appears to be dangerous levels of radiation are also quite real and well documented.

We’re pretty sure at this point you don’t want to get too close to a UFO, glowing orb or paranormal phenomenon in general. They all appear to emit high levels of potentially dangerous radiation, indicating high levels of an energy we don’t quite understand.

Dr. Colm Kelleher, who was involved in USG Skinwalker Ranch program, recalls an event in the clip below where an orb (type of ufo seen above) passed through the shoulder of an individual who was driving his car.

It sounds like it was curious at first, then got too close. The individual developed harmful radiation effects (including a rare carcinoma) which required extensive treatment. Fortunately he recovered, but part of the UFO program (and the program which housed Skinwalker Ranch) is devoted to studying the effects of UFO encounters on humans.

This point seems important to the study of UFOs in general. Clearly, if the intelligence behind the orb which passed through the individual wanted to kill the individual it could have.

As Dr Kelleher recalls, there were three orbs approaching the vehicle. Two passed through the vehicle, one away from the individuals (It was a father and daughter) and the third passed through his shoulder. This is odd. It begs questions.

Did it intend to harm the individual? Did it crash? Was it still learning to fly and made a mistake?


Option 1: The orb didn’t intend to hurt the individual, it was curious and got too close. The three objects were acting independently. Indicating they were driven by different intelligences. Furthermore, if it wanted to hurt the individual all three objects could have passed through his vitals. So, Option 1 is they approached because they were curious.

Option 2: Is that it was collecting information. Information about the individual and it didn’t care if it harmed him or not. It was executing a mission or a program. Passing through his shoulder gave it the information it needed. Yet, if it were a machine one would assume it would act with precision. This seems sloppy and unplanned. Impetuous.

Which leads us to the most fascinating thing about Skinwalker Ranch. The character evidenced at the Ranch, might be the same character as all of the UFO sightings in the world.

If they’re all part of the same phenomenon, the ranch is our view into how the phenomenon views us.

So far, I’d say the evidence points to a few traits which are open to change based on new information. The phenomenon is:

  • Playful, curious, impulsive, petulant, disorganized, mischievous, powerful
  • Lonely, interested in humans
  • Secretive, Has a desire to be known to some, but stay out of the public. This demonstrates some form of advanced intelligence
  • Radioactive, Everything sits on the electromagnetic spectrum. Naturally, these are no different.

What strikes me as odd, is the sheer amount of weirdness against the lack of further evidence. This leads some to dismiss the ranch, but I think it’s very telling. Whatever is there seems to like the attention.

The disorganization of it all (some orbs and UFOs getting too close), indicates it’s more than one intelligence at the ranch.

Although, the strongest argument against the fact that it’s multiple intelligences involved in UFOs is the fact we’re all still here. The people at Skinwalker Ranch are filming a TV show as we speak. Why wouldn’t a bunch of flying, disorganized, massively powerful intelligent objects hurt more people? Why wouldn’t more of them be too curious and fly too close, harming more of us in the process? Why wouldn’t more of them crash?

The whole of evidence between UFOs and Skinwalker Ranch suggests more than one intelligence at work, (imperfect intelligences at that). Suggesting they’re not machines, unless advanced to the point where random actions and jokes become en vogue.

If Skinwalker Ranch speaks for the phenomenon: it doesn’t think much of us, doesn’t want to communicate directly, wants our attention, but doesn’t wasn’t our attention, and hurts us when it gets too close.

This sounds like a bad relationship.

Wrapping up our second post in the Skinwalker Ranch series and there will most definitely be more along with a summary of conclusions. We’ll collect them all in our Poltergeist Case Files section.

Post 1 Was: Skinwalker Ranch: All Kinds of Crazy

Conclusion: Skinwalker Ranch worthy of continued study. Expect more posts as we continue to focus on the character of the phenomenon evidenced.


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Skinwalker Ranch : All Kinds of Crazy

Skinwalker Ranch (located in Uintah County, Utah), is a choose your own adventure of paranormal phenomenon. A veritable cornucopia of weird. Reports of cryptids, poltergeist activity, lots of mutilated cattle and (of course, wherever there is general weirdness) UFOs. What makes this more notable than most reports of general weirdness? Many of the reports were made by scientists and teams actively studying the ranch.

Let’s start with why they were studying it in the first place. The government interest and current events begin with the ownership of the ranch by the Sherman Family in the mid 1990’s. The Sherman family reported crop circles and cattle mutilations to their local paper along with UFOs.

“The Shermans, their teenage son and 10-year-old daughter have seen three specific types of UFOs repeatedly during the past 15 months – a small boxlike craft with a white light, a 40-foot-long object and a huge ship the size of several football fields. They’ve seen one craft emit a wavy red ray or light beam as it flies along. They’ve seen other airborne lights, some of which have emerged from orange, circular doorways that seem to appear in midair. They’ve videotaped two of the sightings.”

Desert News June 30, 1996

Of course, whatever is in the Uintah Valley could care less about deed and property lines. Residents and visitors to the valley have reported numerous UFO sightings since the 1950’s. Prior to the trouble the Sherman’s had in the 1990’s, the area was long rumored to be haunted by the local Ute Tribe.

The tribe believed their alliance with the Navajo which ended in blood and betrayal, lead the Navajo to place a curse on the land. They believed witches named “Skinwalkers” roamed the land, and were able to change shape. The shapes chosen were of large, unnatural, misshapen or mismatched animals. The Ute people avoided the area for this reason.

The Sherman’s reported a large wolf-like creature which would not fall when shot with a firearm. Several other humanoid shapes have been reported at the ranch as well. Interesting note: we found plenty of legends of the Navajo tribe (and online rumors) which placed the home of the Skinwalker’s in the area around “Dark Canyon” also in Utah.

More than one report of Cryptids made by credible observers from different groups, and at different times, make some form of Cryptid sighting at Skinwalker Ranch seem more likely. Yet, none were caught on tape. UFOs have been tracked numerous times at the Ranch, but at least one was caught on camera in public footage.

One UFO is enough to establish that UFOs are there. From the Fortean Winds POV, Unidentified Flying Objects exist. If one has been established there, and the government has numerous reports of flying objects at the location, we see no reason not to simply accept this as part of what’s happening at Skinwalker Ranch.

Much like Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960’s and the Chicago, O’hare area in the present, we find reports of Cryptids and UFOs in the same location, but this time they’re officially studied by the USG.

A somewhat unique event was reported by the Shermans as well: Teleportation with a wicked sense of humor. The Shermans reported leaving the ranch one day and discussing how they would be ruined if their prize bulls were lost. Upon returning, they couldn’t find the bulls. They eventually found them locked in a smaller trailer on the property in a daze. Upon being discovered, the bulls awoke and destroyed the trailer.

The above might be the most interesting story to come out of the ranch. We’ll do a separate post on the bulls in the future. It shows a certain character to the phenomenon. It did something naughty, but it didn’t hurt anything. Like an especially dangerous child seeking negative attention.

Hearing these stories, lead billionaire Robert Bigelow to purchase the ranch from the Shermans in 1996. Robert Bigelow has stated aliens are “right under people’s noses.” Bigelow’s team wired and studied the ranch until 2007, but were unable to make progress due to the character of the phenomenon. It kept breaking their equipment, yet would appear to them when untracked to keep them interested.

In 2007, US government scientist Dr. Jim Lacatski visited the ranch and witnessed an object morph into a Möbius strip. Analysis: If the object wanted to tempt the government with the secrets to time and space… a Möbius strip might do it.

This event was enough for Dr. Lacatski to support the study of the ranch and the government begins their research. In short, the phenomenon continued to be elusive. Sensors were destroyed, soldiers and scientists working the ranch were witness to more phenomenon, but hard evidence could not be produced and after years of trying, the government concluded whatever was there didn’t want to be found.

Bigelow sold the ranch to (another) billionaire Brandon Fugal in 2016. Who has shown a much more open approach to the study of the Ranch. He’s allowed the History Channel show to publicize the findings of some experiments (yes it’s painful reality TV, but they’re sharing).

They’ve produced some quality UFO footage, odd magnetic readings and suffered medical effects consistent with radiation. As the findings are (thankfully) made public, it’s adding more questions than answers. Recent admissions by Jim Lacatski, which detail reports of “hitchhiker” poltergeist phenomenon are especially disturbing and worthy of more Fortean Winds Research.

Two Skinwalker Ranch Scientists interview by George Knapp

Conclusion: material evidence, UFO video, witness photos, sensor data, crop circles, multiple witnesses of the same event, government documents…all of these make Skinwalker Ranch well worth further study according to our veracity system. There are some doing this research who believe it might even be the key to everything. We have no idea, but expect more Skinwalker posts.

Our follow-up further discusses the character of the phenomenon at the Ranch. Skinwalker Ranch: Tricksters & Flying Saucers.

Remote Viewing: Yes it’s Real

That’s what you were thinking. Well do you at Fortean Winds think it’s real? For sure, friend. For sure. I’ll prove it to you.

Let’s start by just calling it intuition. Do you believe you have intuition? Do you believe some people are more intuitive than others? Is that a belief or do you know that to be true? How do we know all this? We’re remote viewing you right now.

Kidding. That’s a lot of assumptions on my part, but I’ve basically told you what I’m going to tell you. Remote Viewing is real. You do it. Everyone does it. Some people are better at it than others.

This insight lead the US and Russian governments into a now infamous psychic spy race which involved Uri Geller, the man who claimed to bend spoons. The scientists, psychics and research of that time (1972 to 1995) are well captured in the film “Third Eye Spies.”

Trailer for “Third Eye Spies” Documentary

Remote Viewing is being able to see something in the future, present or past without being physically able to view or see “the target.” You can see why Russian and US Intelligence were interested in the program. The world’s most famous psychic Ingo Swann correctly determined Jupiter had rings similar to Saturn prior to the Voyager spacecraft confirming it.

What did those two decades of research find? Well if we believe the story ends where the film ends. They found remote viewing was “statistically significant” but unreliable. According to the US Government, they decided to discontinue the program and move on to other things. How statistically significant was remote viewing? Very.

The unreliable part is also real. Physicist Russell Targ, who worked on the US Psychic Spy program, brought a team of remote viewers to Wall Street in order to make some money predicting stocks. The team was successful in their first set of picks, but unsuccessful in the second. The investors got cold feet and Wall Street took a break from psychics. From here, remote viewing research in the US continued to a lesser degree outside of the public eye.

Yet, there is good reason to believe the government did not end their remote viewing program. UFO whistleblower and former counter-intelligence specialist Lue Elizondo was alleged to have recounted military missions wherein he used “advanced intuition” or remote viewing to aid his team in a military mission. From the book “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon” (Lacatski, Kelleher, Knapp 2021)

As he enjoyed his steak tartare, Elizondo regaled those around him with some war stories, including one hair-raising exploit about how his advanced intuition and remote viewing capabilities had saved his life and the life of his men while on a covert combat mission in war-torn Afghanistan. Lue was one of that rare breed, an astute detail oriented analyst with an open mind.

“Skinwalkers at the Pentagon”

In 2020, investor Michael Ferrier launched the Remote Viewing Tournament App. Ferrier became interested in remote viewing after having experienced a session of remote viewing where he himself was able to pull it off. The app re-ignited interest in the phenomenon.

Ferrier saw an impression of a bronze globe during a radio show about remote viewing, and his psychic impression was close enough to the correct answer to get him interested.

Ferrier’s app allows viewers to compete for cash prizes. The principle is simple and the app is free for anyone who would like to try it.

I’ve tried it, and I’m shocked to say it works. My results have been consistent with the conclusion of the CIA study. I am definitely seeing and sketching images before I am shown them at times, but the results aren’t always exact. Sometimes, you have to interpret them. Don’t believe me. I wouldn’t and you shouldn’t. Try it yourself.

If helping billionaire’s make stock picks is not your thing, two other apps to try remote viewing are the Stargate ESP Trainer app on iPhone and the Zener ESP app on Android. Russell Targ who worked on the CIA remote viewing program (called Stargate) was involved in the creation of the iPhone app. I’ve tried the Zener ESP app it does what it’s intended to do well. No frills.

These apps typically detail with precognition (foretelling events that will happen) and postcognition (seeing events that have already happened). The apps work similar to the cards in “Ghostbusters.” In the case of precognition, the app doesn’t “draw” a card until you’ve selected which of the five cards it will be. In the case of postcognition, the card is already “drawn” by the app when you make your selection.

It works well enough for us to wonder what the heck is it? Our current level of science doesn’t understand consciousness that well yet. Recent developments in neuroscience have lead some doctors to believe glial cells, which make up 90 percent of our brain (and are very mysterious) might be the home of consciousness. Somewhere in there might be the answer to remote viewing as well.

Clearly, something is happening here between the brain and time. The RV Tournament app uses coordinate data and gives you two sets of numbers such as 8702-1469 and then asks you to sketch what you see. Once your done sketching, you’re given one of two photos to select based on your sketch.

If you’re just on a guessing hot streak, your sketches would indicate it. They wouldn’t be very good and directly related to the image. I would suggest going on the site and looking at what a “good” remote viewing sketch is. They’re rarely perfect, but they’re good enough. Good enough to be more than coincidence.

If you delve deep into this subject it can bring up all sorts of questions about space and time. The universe and our place in it. Predestination vs free will. One suspicion, I have is the future is always changing, and that’s why remote viewing is unreliable. Which is kind of comforting if you think about it. You make your own tomorrow.

I’m sure this won’t be our last remote viewing post. For now, I’ll be putting this in the Case Files as “Crazy Real” and worth further study.

Google’s Time Crystal

Now why can’t they fix my printer?

You may have been seeing this in the news. I imagine everyone’s first thought is TIME TRAVEL and the media seems to be aware of this. So we at Fortean Winds must be the bearer of bad tidings: Google did not invent time travel. However, they and a team of researchers may have invented/discovered an entirely new phase of matter.

There are five states of matter. You are most familiar with gas, liquid and solid. Liquid is the beer Uncle Larry drinks at Thanksgiving. Gas is what he burps and toots. Solid is what he throws up in Grandma’s toilet. The fourth state of matter is plasma and, fortunately for us, less common here on earth. Plasma is super charged gas. Imagine if Uncle Larry’s toots were mixed with lightning. That’s not the best analogy, but it’s important to note plasma has a ton of energy.

The second law of thermodynamics is the law that deals with entropy or the fact that everything tends to go from a state of order to a state of chaos. Again, like Grandma’s thanksgiving.

This law also makes energy transfer really inefficient. Which is a good reason why solar energy doesn’t power everything in the world right now. Even as batteries improve, and there is plenty of energy from the sun, the collection is inefficient (but improving all the time.)

The fifth state of matter is a Bose-Einstein condensate and created/used in a laboratory. It’s the new kid on the block and was created in 1995. A Bose-Einstein condensate is when scientists smoosh a bunch of atoms into one big super atom by getting them really close to the temperature of absolute zero. They use this super atom in the study of quantum mechanics, and in their study of quantum mechanics they….come to think of it in a way they did invent time travel…

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states “in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state.”


The big G’s Time Crystal gets around the march of time. If we accept that all things flow from a state of order to a state of chaos as time increases, this state of matter is not subject to those laws and therefore….eh time travel sort of.

This is a big deal because when studying quantum mechanics the particles disappear really quickly, before researchers have time to perform tests and gather data. This time crystal keeps them around longer allowing the study of quantum mechanics to progress further and faster.

As usual, the Livescience article on this was great and dives deep into the details.

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