Skinwalker Ranch and the Mystery 1.6GHz Signal

Skinwalker Ranch is a property located in the Uintah Basin in Utah, USA, and has been a hotspot for alleged paranormal activity, UFO sightings, and strange occurrences. The show has frequently highlighted the presence of a signal at 1.6GHz during anomalous events.  They’ve also documented the cattle behaving agitated and unusual when the signal is detected.

The presence of an otherworldly being at Skinwalker Ranch could possibly explain the appearance of a 1.6 GHz frequency signal.  However, it is also used by a variety of terrestrial applications such as communications and GPS devices. Let’s discuss…

What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

1.6 GHz is a frequency in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range, which is commonly used for communication systems such as cell phones, GPS, and satellite television. We’ve discussed the evidence there is an otherworldly being at Skinwalker Ranch and the fact Bob Bigelow and the US government were interested enough at one point to spend millions of dollars studying the ranch, so we’ll agree something is there and discuss why In the context of Skinwalker Ranch, there are several reasons why the presence of an otherworldly being might be associated with the 1.6 GHz frequency:

Why Might Another Species Use the Signal?

Communication: The otherworldly being might be using the 1.6 GHz frequency to communicate with their own kind or other beings, as it falls within the range of frequencies commonly used for communication purposes. This could be due to the convenience of using existing infrastructure, or because this frequency range provides a good balance between signal strength and distance for their needs.

Technology Interference: The presence of an otherworldly being could potentially introduce advanced technology into the area, which might cause interference with or mimic signals within the 1.6 GHz frequency range. This could result in the appearance of this frequency at the ranch, even if it is not being used for communication.

Energy Source: The otherworldly being could be using the 1.6 GHz frequency as a source of energy or power for their activities at the ranch. This might be because the frequency is readily available, or because it has specific properties that make it suitable for their purposes.

Disguise: The otherworldly being might be deliberately generating a 1.6 GHz frequency signal to disguise their presence or activities. By mimicking a common communication frequency, they could potentially avoid detection or blend in with the surrounding environment.

NASA infographic describes the electromagnetic spectrum

From Intro to the Electromagentic Spectrum – NASA

This signal is used frequently by humanity and the phenomenon might be using this frequency BECAUSE it is used by humans.

Meaning the phenomenon may have chosen this signal because we use it, and thus it would not be easily detected. Some of the reasons it may use this:

GPS: The Global Positioning System (GPS) utilizes frequencies around 1.575 GHz (L1 band) and 1.2276 GHz (L2 band) for its signals. Although these frequencies are not exactly 1.6 GHz, they are close enough that an otherworldly being might choose to use 1.6 GHz to leverage the existing GPS infrastructure or to avoid interference with GPS signals.

Mobile communications: In some regions, 1.6 GHz might be allocated for mobile communications. While it is not a standard frequency for most mobile networks, it could still be utilized in certain situations. An otherworldly being might use this frequency to communicate with devices on Earth or to tap into existing communication networks.

Satellite communications: Some satellite communication systems, including those for television and data services, use frequencies in the 1.6 GHz range. An otherworldly being could potentially use this frequency range to send and receive information to and from satellites or other spacecraft.

Radio astronomy: The 1.6 GHz frequency range may be used in radio astronomy for studying celestial objects such as galaxies, quasars, and pulsars. An otherworldly being could use this frequency range to study Earth or other celestial bodies, or to monitor and analyze the data collected by radio telescopes.

Wireless technologies: Some wireless technologies, such as wireless sensors and IoT devices, might operate in the 1.6 GHz frequency range. Although this is less common, an otherworldly being could choose to use this frequency range to control or monitor devices, gather data, or interact with Earth’s technological infrastructure.

Considering these applications, the presence of an otherworldly being might be associated with the 1.6 GHz frequency because they are leveraging existing technologies or infrastructure for their own purposes, whether it be communication, energy, or data collection.

"Cows Make Great Biosensors Love Fortean Winds" cows in an open field

Does 1.6ghz Have a Havana Syndrome Connection?

In season 3 Jason Taylor of UAPX was struck with what appeared to be the onset of “Havana Syndrome,” the 1.6 GHz signal appeared at the same time he was hit with what appeared highly concentrated electromagnetic waves.  This is interesting because the 1.6 GHz signal is on the portion of the spectrum that could indicate the presence of microwaves and other forms of radiation related to “Havana Syndrome.” 

If a person were exposed to a high amount of focused 1.6 GHz microwave radiation, it could have several potential effects, depending on the intensity and duration of exposure. It is important to note that the specific outcomes would depend on various factors, including the individual’s sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, the radiation’s intensity, and the exposure time.

Some possible effects of exposure to high amounts of focused 1.6 GHz microwave radiation include:

Thermal effects: Microwaves can cause heating in materials that absorb them, including human tissue. Exposure to high-intensity microwave radiation could lead to an increase in temperature within the body, potentially resulting in burns, tissue damage, or an increase in the core body temperature (hyperthermia).

Electromagnetic interference: High amounts of microwave radiation might interfere with the normal functioning of electronic devices and medical implants, such as pacemakers, hearing aids, or other assistive devices. This could lead to temporary or permanent malfunctions.

Nervous system effects: Although the effects of microwave radiation on the nervous system are not entirely understood, some studies suggest that high-intensity exposure may cause changes in nerve function or induce an electrical current within the nervous system. This could potentially lead to neurological symptoms or alterations in cognitive function.

Biological effects: Exposure to high-intensity microwave radiation could potentially cause various biological effects, such as alterations in cell function, changes in gene expression, or the production of reactive oxygen species. These effects might contribute to tissue damage, inflammation, or an increased risk of developing certain health conditions.

The presence of the same frequency in cases where individuals contracted Havana Syndrome might be an indication of the presence of the same otherworldly being, or a bad actor may have figured out that this signal at high intensity can do all kinds of harm. Yet, if this is a bad -human- actor we’d again have to ask ourselves why they would be targeting the cast members of a reality TV show. If the 1.6GHz signal is detected during UAP flight and related to its propulsion, that same energy might be concentrated into a weapon.

Of course, this signal is used by many terrestrial applications, and its appearance may be a prosaic fluke or a byproduct of the phenomenon rather than an intentional wave. Yet…we gotta admit…seems weird.

Havana Syndrome and the UFO Problem

We discussed Havana syndrome previously in our article UFOs and Brain Damage: Stranger Danger. To recap, we mentioned how Havana Syndrome is a set of symptoms which have affected overseas diplomats (as well as people who are not diplomats and not overseas). Over the last 2 years, the investigation of this ailment has continued in the public. Some new information has been uncovered, but the specific cause and culprit remain unknown.

From the Fortean Winds POV, the current public investigation is hindered by not acknowledging the connection between UFO/UAP and the symptoms associated with Havana Syndrome. Below are the common symptoms reported and these are the same set of symptoms reported by individuals who have been within close proximity of unidentified flying objects.

  1. Headaches: Severe, persistent headaches are a common complaint among those affected by Havana syndrome.
  2. Dizziness: Many individuals reported feeling dizzy and unsteady, sometimes vertigo.
  3. Hearing loss: Some individuals reported sudden hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and difficulty hearing certain frequencies.
  4. Cognitive difficulties: Some individuals reported memory problems, difficulty concentrating, and confusion.
  5. Visual problems: Some individuals reported temporary vision changes, blurred vision and double vision.
  6. Balance problems: Many individuals reported difficulties with balance, including a tendency to fall.
  7. Sleep disturbances: Some individuals reported difficulty sleeping and feeling excessively tired.
  8. Tinnitus: Some individuals report a persistent ringing in their ears.
  9. Physical sensations: Some individuals reported feeling pressure or vibrations in their body.
An illustrated person with a headache and various forms of energy moving toward them.

These symptoms are indicative of exposure to low frequency waves. It is possible a foreign actor produced such waves. Such weapons exist. Which is a more recent development in this case. In the investigation for his Havana Syndrome podcast journalist Nicky Woolf uncovered that the US has such capabilities.

The focus has been on the diplomats and government personnel affected by the syndrome at the exclusion of other public cases. In the data world, we would call this cherry picking. It’s what happens when you begin with too narrow of a hypothesis, and only accept the data which fits into it. The hypothesis begins with the idea that this is an energy weapon being directed at US service personnel. So, it just ignores the other public cases, such as the cast member of Skinwalker Ranch who also developed the syndrome (Jason Turner and Travis Taylor, two other cast members have experienced the onset of Havana Syndrome while on camera).

His was not the only case of a domestic – non-US government – civilian individual who afflicted by Havana Syndrome. Yet, the investigation focuses on the government personnel.

Why is this important? It’s important because it’s like trying to put together a puzzle and you’re missing half of the pieces. We’re reliant on public information such as what was put out by the National Academies of Sciences and the Department of State.

An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees
and Their Families at Overseas Embassies
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2020. An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

These assessments don’t consider UAP in their analysis. The ongoing journalism isn’t focused on the UAP angle. Why should they be?

Because even if Havana Syndrome is entirely the product of a hostile foreign power, that foreign power is aware of what we point out in our article UFOs and Brain Damage. Which is that Havana Syndrome is the same set of symptoms and physiological effects recorded by medical professionals, examining individuals who were in close proximity to UFO/UAP. Thus, that foreign power is aware it can use UFO/UAP as an alibi.

“It wasn’t us, it was the flying saucers.”

The US Government has acknowledged UFO/UAP exist, and there is a publicly known task force looking into the objects. Yet, there isn’t disclosure. They haven’t discussed the materials of which they are in possession, or the conclusions of their 70 years of study. This would make for a nasty form of disclosure.

“UFOs are here. They’re irradiating some people. But in this case we think it’s Country XY.”

That would be a lot to unpack for people. It’s possible this quagmire is pushing the discussion of disclosure forward. If a country is going to use UAP as an alibi, UAP first have to be eliminated as a possibility by the accuser. That can’t be done unless they’re acknowledged to exist, and some research based evidence demonstrates that UAP are not to blame.

Furthermore, it is necessary to consider UAP in the Havana Syndrome issue as some of these cases may have been caused by UAP. Vice News has a Havana Syndrome podcast covering this topic, and they interview a woman affected by Havana Syndrome while working as a diplomat in Cuba. She goes by the pseudonym “Tina.”

“I didn’t hear anything except the water running, the sensation I felt was an overwhelming sense of inexplicable anxiety. There was no reason for it. I was not stressed at all…and there was an incredible pressure and pain in my head and my ears. I never felt anything like that before, I felt paralyzed. It was just sort of one of those…where you’re in a dream and you can’t move.”

Vice World News 2023 – Havana Syndrome Episode 1 (Anderson, Entous)

Tina also points out that her job is not sensitive and she does not consider herself a likely target for hostile action. This is the current conclusion of the intelligence community as well. They haven’t found any evidence that points to a hostile foreign power. The selection of targets doesn’t seem to indicate a specific pattern of intent. So….if you’ve eliminated all of the likely possibilities…perhaps it’s time to consider the anomalous.

"Visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum" with a visual representation

This is by no means a stretch. The study you find often mentioned here on Fortean Winds is the government’s (DIA) report “The Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human Biological Tissue.” This report is so important because it talks about the physical effects of UFOs on people. Havana Syndrome is identical to many of these effects.

It really did make the most sense that this was a hostile foreign power. Yet if the intel community’s assessment is accurate and transparent, UAP are simply the next most likely suspect. Multiple instances of the same effects at Skinwalker Ranch and abductees studied by medical professionals.

If one considers UAP a real suspect it allows investigators to widen their net. They can look at cases of Havana Syndrome which affected people who are NOT government employees. If this is not a hostile foreign power, and they’re only looking at government cases for patterns….they’re unlikely to find anything meaningful. If US investigators looked at cases of ordinary civilians affected by UAP and compare them to what they know about the diplomats cases, new patterns may emerge. There might be a physiological connection or other similarity between these victims which could indicate why they were targeted.

We won’t know unless we ask those pesky UFO questions…and that’s cool. That’s why we’re here.

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